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Hydraulic tensioners for bolts

Tensioners for torque tensioning of bolts from international and recognized brands like Atlas Copco, Tentec and Plarad.

With access to some of the best brands on the market with regard to bolt tensioning, we are able to advise you in finding the right solution in the light of available space, threads and a wide range of other factors.

With bolt tensioning tools, it is possible to tension multiple bolts at the same time.

Bolt tensioning is an extremely useful method in situations where multiple bolts need to be tensioned to the same torque and where an optimized process is required – tensioning is appropriate in a wide range of industries such as contracting and the wind turbine industry.


Specifications and options

Pressure up to 1,500 bar
Load up to 2,650 kN
Bolt size up to M100 hydraulic nut
Brand Plarad – Tentec
Models Plarad PSD 30-471, PSD 33-581, PSD 36-678, PSD 39-808, PSD 42-937, PSD 45-1089, PSD 48-1278, PSD 56-1695, PSD 64-2233
Models Atlas Copco / Tentec WTB and CTST series

Specially designed tensioners for the wind industry

The very tight spaces often found in wind turbine towers have encouraged brands like Tentec and Atlas Copco to develop a special type of tensioner specifically for serial bolt tensioning using tensioners in wind turbine towers.
Over the last two decades, HYTOR has played an important role in this process. Specifically in the technical sparring, which the wind turbine industry has needed during a period in which the optimization of bolt tensioning has been and still is the main focus. The integration of stemp files at wind turbine manufacturers combined with practical experience has made a huge difference and emphasises the experience that we as a supplier can contribute.

Take a closer look at the hydraulic tensioners for torque of bolts from Plarad. This type of tensioners is ideal for torque of bolts in wind turbine towers, it’s possible to torque several bolts simultaneously.

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