We are specialists in high pressure and temperatures
integrable systems and tool solutions
 for demanding industries

Global supplier of solutions for the green energy sector


The energy industry places high requirements on integrable system solutions and tools solutions.


Decades of experience with demanding industries enable us to engineer custom solutions that meet international norms and standards.

We are experts in high pressure and high temperatures, and we have decades of experience in engineering integrable systems and tool solutions across electrical, mechanical, chemical discliplines, including capablilities within temporary power.



This means that with us, you can get:

A complete overview of our competencies and solutions, where you have the opportunity to delve into the specifications of our products on the subpages.


360-degree solution with documentation package

We are your 360-degree solution, involved in all parts of your process – from the development and delivery of your systems or tools to production and consulting, not to forget service and calibration of your current or new solutions.

Think of us as your sounding board, who, with a enormous of knowledge and many years within the field, has the expertise and ballast you need to find the perfect solution for your project.

Last but not least, our solid oraganisation backing us ensures that you receive documentation package with any product or solution you choose from us. This includes everything from quality assurance, safety, certifications, and specific documentation.

Hytor indikator

A partner who is with you all the way around – no matter what challenges you face




Hytor indikator

Solutions and tools specified according to your requirements

Common to all our products and solutions is that they can be adjusted and customized to meet your exact needs, requirements, and desires.

We are innovative and forward-thinking in the sense that we like to challenge your solution, so together we can find the path to the best and most efficient outcome.

Our experienced team of technicians has a deep insight into components, materials, and composition, which allows us to provide the specialist advice that is vital for your optimal operating conditions. Whether that means developing or adding new tools or systems, or making adjustments to your current solution.

Our primary task is to guide and steer you in the right direction.

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When we say we follow the project through to the end, we mean it



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We develop solutions that support the green transition





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