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 with safety as our top priority

Energy storage for hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia production


For plants to be usable, energy must be in an accessible form and it must be storable. This means that energy storage is a necessary procedure. In energy storage, energy is stored from one phase to another. For example, when the energy is transformed to hydrogen makin it possible to store excess renewable energy from wind turbines. Hydrogen can be stored as itself as methane, methanol, or other types of fuel – but only if it is available in the right form.


At HYTOR, we develop and offer solutions for energy storage. We have extensive knowledge in how to store energy from one phase to another. This could be, for example, storing it from gas to electricity or vice versa.

For more than four decades, we have worked with gas, liquids, high pressure, and high temperatures.

Therefore, we know the regulations, standards and precautions that needs to be considered, and our specialists have extensive knowledge about high-pressure gas containers, production plants, and fuel cells.

Our energy storage often takes place in conjunction with various production facilities such as:

  • Hydrogen production plants
  • Hydrogen production facilities
  • E-methanol production plants
  • Ammonia production plants


We manage the media transformation for you.

We are experts in media transformation.

This means that we take the gases and turn them into liquids. This can be done to add necessary elements or to lower their temperature. This way, you can store a high energy density.

We know what it takes when you place gases under high pressure over an extended period, so it at the same time remains both insulated and safe – and can be stored for later use. We are therefore familiar with the many parameters at play in energy storage.

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With our energy storage, you get

  • Access to experienced specialists with extensive knowledge about everything from fuel cells to hydrogen production plants.
  • Energy storage with a comprehensive documentation package, quality assurance, safety, and certifications.
  • Custom solutions that match your processes and specific needs down to the smallest detail.
  • Safe transport and energy storage of gases – regardless of the type of production plant you have.

Energy storage for methanol production

The right energy storage is especially relevant when we talk about methanol production. In methanol production plants, hydrogen has been combined with an additional element and lowered in temperature, so you have it in liquid form - and this way, you obtain more energy, while it becomes easier to transport and store.

At HYTOR, we have many references within energy storage in connection with methanol production, and therefore we can also help you with everything from consultation and advice to execution, so you can convert your gases to liquid and in this way have the ability to move and store them.


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Energy storage with safety as top priority

When working with gases and pressure, it is crucial to have safety in order. Indeed, safety is one of our top priorities.

By collaborating with us, we are your guarantee that all processes comply with the safety requirements and standards existing within energy storage.

HYTOR delivers a tailor-made documentation package for all solutions and products that we offer.


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We handle energy storage by creating solutions that transorm gas to liquid, thus we facilitate the gas or liquid being transformed into electricity by storing it.


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