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It is mandated by law that components/systems with a certain volume exceeding 0.5 barg must undergo a pressure test after special manufacturing.


At HYTOR, we guide you through what is required to perform a pressure test with the highest safety standards. With our extensive experience in conducting various pressure tests on components and systems alike, we offer to come to you.

Whether it involves systems, containers, pipes, valves, enclosures, or other elements needing pressure testing, we are ready to assist.

Analytical approach


 A thorough analysis of the entire system is performed before each test. If some components cannot withstand the test pressure, we devise a safe strategy for conducting the pressure test.

This may include the use of special pipe pieces to optimize the pressure test.

When we perform pressure tests on-site, we provide:

  • Careful analysis and planning of the pressure test
  • Specialist advice and professional execution
  • ISO-certified and detailed testing procedures
  • Documentation of the highest standard


Focus on safety

Safety measures and specific procedures are always focal points when we conduct pressure tests on valves or other equipment on-site.

We ensure the most comprehensive pressure test for any component or system, supported throughout the process, all coordinated with our HSEQ manager to create the safest framework for pressure testing.

If you are curious about how we can conduct pressure testing at our own location in Esbjerg, you can read more about it right here.


Pressure testing systems

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Pressure testing of valves

You should always apply pressure testing to your valve systems.

The purpose of a pressure test is to ensure that the subject can withstand the intended operating pressure without leaks or failures occurring.

This is absolutely critical for the system's reliability and safety.


Our procedure when we conduct pressure testing can be outlined as follows:

Inspection of any visible defects. We check the integrity of the gaskets, welds, and the general condition of the valve.


Selection of relevant test pressures. We determine this based on a safety factor, ensuring that the valve can withstand unforeseen loads.

The system is sealed off, and the valve is locked in position. This is important to avoid damage and ensure that the test pressure does not spread to other parts of your system.

The test pressure is applied gradually using a pressure-testing unit. The valve is kept closed during this process, and the pressure is monitored closely to identify any increases or decreases.

Once the maximum test pressure is reached, the pressure is held constant for a certain period to ensure that the valve can maintain stability over time. During this holding period, the valve is inspected again for any visible issues.


With a safe distance, we gradually and controlledly release the pressure to avoid sudden changes that may negatively affect the valve.

We gradually and controlledly release the pressure to avoid sudden changes that can negatively affect the valve.

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We have been conducting pressure tests since the early 80s, and we know how to perform the best pressure tests on valves and other systems with a high degree of safety.


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HYTOR – your experienced pressure testing partner 


Expertise and dedication at your service We are your proficient collaborative partner when it comes to performing pressure tests of your systems on-site.

With a wealth of experience that spans decades, we have been conducting pressure tests since the early 1980s.


We have many years of experience. We have been performing pressure tests since the early '80s, and we know how to create the best pressure tests of valves and other systems with a high degree of safety.

We isolate and separate components based on safety considerations, so we can pressure test the systems that need it.

We come to you and perform pressure tests at the location where the need exists. You can quickly move on with your daily routines with systems that have been tested for quality.

If you have systems like pipes that are buried and cannot be moved, you can make use of our pressure testing service. 

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