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Global supplier of solutions for the energy sector


We are your value-adding partner when you are looking for integrable system solutions specializing in high pressure and high temperatures, specialized tools, and high-quality generator solutions.


For decades, we have engineerd solutions for demanding industries with activities in critical environments. It is second nature for us to navigate standards and norms, but one of our clear strengths is that we create usable performance-driven solutions with an eye for detail.

We are experts in high pressure and high temperatures, and we have decades of experience in creating high-quality integrable systems across electrical, chemical and mechanical domains for often critical environments, and tool solutions within torque, tensioning and lifting, and generator solutions. We lead in both sales, service, and rental of our systems and solutions.

Our dedication to quality assurance and technological innovation ensures that we not only meet but also exceed our customers' expectations.


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The common denominator is that we build and develop high-end equipment, systems, and solutions for the energy sector





Tool solutions for demanding industries

We lead the way in developing advanced tool solutions.

Our expertise lies in special tools, tool solutions, generators, and emergency power systems. We specialize in torque tightening tools, lifting equipment, flange tools, generators, and disengagement tools, all available for sale, service, and rental. Recognizing the critical importance of reliable and readily available equipment for our clients, we offer comprehensive service options, including tool management and storage.

We have one of the country's most extensive inventories, ensuring we can deliver nearly any standard tool swiftly — often within a day.

Our dedicated team of experts is equipped to calibrate, service, and repair tools directly onsite or at our specialized workshop. Reach out to one of our consultants to discover how we can support your needs within tool solutions for torque and tenisioning, lifting operations, or emergency power generators.


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We are specialists in high-pressure and high-temperature environments, with robust competencies in handling gases and liquids

Every day we work to create solutions that actively contribute to the green transition in the energy sector. 

We do this by innovating integrable systems for critical environments and crafting specialized tools and generator solutions that enhance efficiency, focus on safety, and meet stringent documentation requirements.

We are a strong team with technical competencies and resources who are specialists in high-pressure and high-temperature environments, possessing many years of experience working with both gases and liquids.


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Purchase, rent or leasing

We place a high value on flexibility and on finding solutions that fit our customers' business needs.

This means that while we innovate and construct solutions to be integrated into our customers' operations, if there's a need for any of our solutions for a shorter period, we offer serviced and ready-to-use solutions for rent.

Whether you've purchased your system or tool from us or elsewhere, our large and skilled technical team performs maintenance and calibration either at your site or in our own workshop. 

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Purchase, rent or leasing


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