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When gas needs to be compressed and the pressure needs to be increased, HYTOR is your go-to partner. We have solved countless gas compressor tasks for clients, including those involving hydrogen and nitrogen compressors, and we know what is required. This applies regardless of whether you need an air, electric, or hydraulic driven gas compressor.


We also solve multiple-stage compressor tasks for our clients. For example, Stage-1 using membrane technology to increase pressure from atmospheric, and Stage-2 using piston technology to increase pressure to high pressure up to 1,000 barg.

A common feature of our gas compressors is that they meet your demands. We are familiar with most standard compressors on the market and can adapt them to your needs. If you need a custom solution where no standard compressor exists, we have the skills to build one that meets your specifications. This ensures you continuous, reliable, and safe operation.

We are with you all the way


The gas boosters and gas compressors we build and deal in are designed to be robust and user-friendly – naturally available with both ATEX certification and CE marking, meaning you can get an ATEX compressor that meets all requirements.

Our gas compressor is designed with industrial use in mind.

This applies to everything within air and gas as well as various industrial processes. The possibilities are many, and we guarantee that we have the right gas compressor for you and your purpose.

Maximize your gas with a gas compressor

Whether the gas comes from fossil production, an electrolysis plant, or a biogas plant, and your process requires it to be increased in pressure or transported. Before it can be transported further, used, and sold, the pressure needs to be increased, and the gas compressed.

This is where the gas compressor comes into play.

When discussing solutions within green energy and green gases, we anticipate that this market will require regulations that call for very high pressures. Therefore, we believe in solutions that can pressurize the gas as much as possible, so you, as a customer, are best prepared for the future. 

Therefore, we have chosen to set the bar high and can therefore advise and construct smart and automated solutions.


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Gas compressors with extensive documentation package

Our gas compressors can be manufactured in compliance with ATEX specifications.

As a staple part of our extensive experience, all our gas compressors come with a comprehensive documentation package, ensuring you in terms of safety, documentation, quality, and certification.

Moreover, we build all our gas compressors to require minimal maintenance and to have a long lifespan.

Rent a mobil gas compressor

If you do not need a gas booster or compressor every day, it makes a lot of sense to rent one.

By doing so, you get a quality gas compressor that not only meets the requirements for ATEX Zone 1 but is also incredibly easy to use.

When you rent our gas booster, you get:

  • Pressure up to 14,500 PSI
  • Flow up to 100 cm³/stroke
  • ATEX Zone 1 certified
  • A plug-and-play solution with filter regulator and outlet for testing equipment
  • Equipped with anti-static wheels for easy transportation.


Find the gas compressor that best matches your needs.

Our selection of compressors is large, and with decades of experience, we can advise you to find just the compressor that matches your needs.

This applies regardless of the type. We design and construct everything from nitrogen compressors and CO2 boosters to refrigerant pumps and pneumatically driven compressors.

We deal and provide advice on these types of compressors, among others:

  • Piston compressor: Best suited for high-pressure applications needing precise capacity control.
  • Diaphragm compressor: Best suited for applications with a large pressure difference and large capacity.
  • Vane compressor: Often used in vacuum applications.
  • Pneumatic compressor: Electrically powered compressor.
  • Iconic compressor: An innovative compression system for hydrogen applications.

At HYTOR, you get:

A large house backing you up filled with specialists who can guide you to the best solution

Trouble-free operation with your gas compressor and minimal maintenance

The opportunity to choose between gas, diaphragm, pneumatic, and electrically powered compressors

Gas compressors developed with a focus on maximum productivity and efficiency

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Are you looking for a specially designed gas compressor that matches your processes and media?

 At HYTOR, our specialists assist you in making the right decision and choosing the solution that provides you with the greatest benefit. See us as your advisory and service partner, helping you move forward confidently. You can rely on us to have the right knowledge about everything concerning pressure, air, and temperatures.

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