Meet the management team

and understand our leadership style

Meet the management and understand our leadership style 


There is a clear connection  between what we say and what we do, and our clear vision for operating HYTOR is to create value for each other, our environment, and our stakeholders.


The management team at HYTOR, led by CEO and owner Niels G. Langerhuus, consists of those responsible for our key areas.

We work closely together across the entirety of HYTOR on a daily basis, sharing knowledge and experience towards our vision of contributing responsibly to the energy sector.

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Trust, honesty and respect

Our leadership style is built on trust, honesty, and respect for each other and each other's competencies.

We understand the importance of each other's tasks and are aware that no chain is stronger than its weakest link.


Hytor Niels G. Langerhuus
Niels G. Langerhuus

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Hytor Anne Mette Lorenzen
Anne Mette Lorenzen
Executive Business Development & Marketing Manager

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Hytor Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard
Sales Manager - Tools

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Hytor Thomas Gliese
Thomas Gliese
Head of Division - Systems

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Hytor Lene Rahbek Percival
Lene Rahbek Percival
Supply Chain Manager

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Hytor Lone Hedegaard Jensen
Lone Hedegaard Jensen
HSEQ Manager

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