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Custom solutions for the most demanding industries 


At HYTOR, we are experts in assembling toolkits for some of the toughest and most demanding sectors. In other words, we can create custom solutions for you, facing a unique task or a specific problem that requires more than just one tool.


Our custom solutions consist of a series of toolkits, which can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements and needs – typically within tensioning tasks.

This can include factors such as space, environment, ergonomics, and efficiency that necessitate a unique solution.

There are several different and efficient packages available, and on this page, you can read about two of our popular variants.


Weightless ergonomic supporting tools

-the complete solution

We have the perfect package for those who want faster and much more precise bolt tensioning. Specifically, we deliver a complete solution with this weightless ergonomic support arm, which, combined with our torque tensioning tool, provides you with a faster and more precise bolt tensioning.

The package is primarily designed to relieve the installer and increase safety in your work. This also means that you reduce strain and prevent potential injuries.

All in all, a solution that makes the job safer for those who have to work with heavy torque tools of up to 60 kg.

 Our custom solution consists of:

  • Support tool arm
  • Torque tensioning tool
  • InHouse Controller

This innovative solution can both optimize your work with bolt tensioning and at the same time minimize operator strain. And most importantly, the solution is both precise and safe. With over 29 main components, the solution is also compatible – and there is ample opportunity to customize and integrate exactly as you wish. Not only that, but this custom solution also collects all data for documentation, so you don't have to spend time on it in your daily work.


Read more here:

Ergonomic support tool



Smart Tensioner Package

– the ultimate system for precise and efficient tensioning

 Are you looking for a special tool system that ensures safety, accuracy, and convenience in your work? Then you should take a closer look at our Smart Tensioner Package. The package is especially useful in various onshore and offshore applications and includes a Smart Tensioner, a hydraulic pump, a hose, and a Peli Case for easy transport and storage.

Advantages of the smart tensioner package 
  • The solution ensures that the task is carried out correctly by automatically determining when the desired clamping force has been achieved.
  • The solution enables quick and precise positioning of the tensioning tool, allowing you to save money and increase productivity at the same time.
  • The package includes safety features that prevent incorrect settings of the pump pressure, which can help make operations safer and more reliable.
  • The light indicator shows whether the task has been performed correctly or not, which can be used as an effective quality control.
  • The Bolt Count function ensures easy tracking of the number of tightened bolts, which is useful for keeping accurate records.


 Learn more about 

Smart tensioner



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Short derlivery time

We always keep a large selection in stock, ensuring that you can quickly receive the goods you need for your work.Vi har altid et stort udvalg på lager, så du hurtigt kan få de varer, du har brug for i dit arbejde

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Many years of experience

With a large team of highly skilled experts and many years of experience, we are capable of assisting you with even the most difficult tasks and challenges.

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The advantage of being big

HYTOR is a significant entity, and therefore, we have complete control over quality assurance, certifications, and documentation.

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Well known brands and products

We work with a wide range of the leading and most well-known brands in the industry, including Plarad and COPCO.

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Are you facing a particular challenge that requires a specific solution? At HYTOR, we create custom solutions that can help you with the exact task you are facing.
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