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Pressure testing systems for your piping systems


In Denmark, legislation states that as soon as the pressure exceeds 0.5 barg, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) comes into effect. The easiest approach is to pressure test with 1.5 times the pressure the final product will operate with.


Pressure tests must be performed in a wide variety of industries—for example, containers and piping systems for heat exchangers, pump heads, and special components. Thus, anyone using a container, a pipe, a seal, or a custom-manufactured pressure capsule must undergo pressure testing.

Pressure testing and pressure point equipment have been part of HYTOR's offerings since its establishment in the 80s. Therefore, we possess the necessary knowledge and decades of experience regarding the rules and requirements in the market and in relation to the current directives.

Pressure testing systems customized to your needs 

We design and construct pressure testing systems to match your specifications. It doesn't matter to us whether you need to test components individually or pressure test multiple components at the same time. We design the system so that you get the most optimal solution, and so you can also have your components or systems correctly, quickly, and safely pressure tested. All test units for pressure testing and proofing are therefore tailored to your needs.

Our pressure testing systems are made both manual and fully automatic with full traceability and data logging storage.

Pressure testing systems from HYTOR includes, among other things:
  • Pressure testing with gases, including hydrogen.
  • Fluid pressure proofing.
  • Fully traceable automated solutions.
  • CE marking.
  • User-friendly and maintenance-free equipment.

We can deliver systems with test pressures up to 4,000 barg with CE marking and full package of documentation.


Flexible pressure testing systems to match your process

With us, the process for implementing pressure testing systems is completely flexible.

You have several options and we adapt the pressure testing to your process. This applies whether you need to perform stationary pressure testing and proofing of, for example, valves in your own facilities or if you need a portable pressure testing and proofing unit.

Therefore, we can carry out pressure proofing for you on-site, and rent or sell the equipment so you can do it yourself. In addition, we can service the equipment and, not least, train you for pressure testing.

The possibilities are numerous.

Common to all options is that we have the expertise needed when it comes to the many methods, requirements, and precise accuracy that pressure testing requires—whether it's with gas or water.

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Pressure testing systems for hydrogen pressure testing and Power-to-X

Pressure testing is extremely relevant within hydrogen production and Power-to-X. In hydrogen production, water is split into two phases, releasing hydrogen and oxygen.

Moist gases are directed into separator containers, which are pressurized with what the electrolysis operates with. In such a case, pressure testing plays a significant role, and here our expertise can contribute.

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Our pressure testing systems are developed to pressure test your products and create a visual inspection of the results. This allows you to identify any leaks and ensure that all standards are met.




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With our pressure testing system, you get the following:

  • Pressure testing system with complete documentation, certification, safety, and quality assurance
  • Expert advice within pressure testing systems and extensive experience in pressure testing for gas systems
  • Custom solutions that fit into your current setup and to your specific needs
  • The option to both rent and purchase, as well as to receive service and training in pressure testing systems

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Rent a testing system

You may not need to perform a pressure test every day, but you still need a reliable system that is safe and easy to use and can operate at high pressure.

Therefore, it is possible to rent our custom-built pressure testing systems. We have a wide range of models in stock for quick delivery. Specifications of our testing system:

  • Pressure up to 60,000 PSI
  • Flow max. 31 l/min
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • ATEX-zone 1 approved

Find your pressure testing system at HYTOR

With us, you get a tailor-made solution, as our testing systems are developed to meet your specific needs.

We create visual leak identification, so you can detect leaks and ensure compliance with standards.

By testing multiple items at the same time, you can increase efficiency and save both time and resources.

Last but not least, with our pressure testing system, you get safe and easy operation that ensures the safety of the operator.

No matter what your process looks like and what you need for your pressure measurement, we can help you move forward.


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