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Streamlining with on-site calibration


On-site tool calibration saves you time, money, and hassle.


The advantage is that the tool can stay where it is and be calibrated immediately. Should there be a need for service or repair, we naturally take care of that at the same time. Our on-site calibration container is a state-of-the-art workshop container that meets all calibration requirements and makes your daily life easier. 


Typical tasks we solve in the calibration container: 

  • Calibration of electric tightening tools
  • Calibration of torque wrenches
  • Calibration of nutrunners
  • Calibration of torque tools
  • Calibration of pressure gauges
  • Calibration of hand torque wrenches
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Service
  • Electrical safety test

See the table below for all types of calibration

Gain greater flexibility and faster calibration

It's incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome to send tools back and forth, for example, when a torque wrench needs calibration or repair. The time spent transporting equipment to and from a service and calibration workshop can be saved by having us come to your site to calibrate and service your hydraulic and electric tools.

On-site calibration in a calibration container is a far more efficient approach to calibration, which more and larger companies are starting to realize. In addition to saving you time and trouble as well as transportation costs, it also reduces the number of tool sets you need. On-site calibration means that soon, often after just a few hours, you can use your tools again.

A state-of-the-art calibration container equipped with the latest equipment is sent to your site, where we calibrate both hydraulic and electric tools.

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Calibration experts come to your location

Our specialists have decades of experience in the calibration, service, and repair of hydraulic and electric tools from their work with most of the brands on the market. We have been a supplier to the wind turbine industry since the first wind turbines were set up, and we can service all brands of hydraulic tools.

When we rent out a calibration container, we always send one of our calibration and service technicians with it. This is your assurance that your equipment will be correctly calibrated, serviced, and repaired.

 All calibrations, services, and repairs are registered in our online Tool Management System, where you always have an overview and can keep track of service intervals, certificates, tension tables, and documentation.


Read more about the Tool Management System.

Tool management system

What you get with a calibration container

Correct calibration of torque wrenches and torque tools is one of our core competencies.

In the wind turbine industry, for example, the correct tightening of bolts or nuts is crucial for safety and the precision of the work.

  • By calibrating your equipment, you ensure a high quality of your work. Other benefits include:
  • The possibility of long-term stays of the container for larger projects/tasks
  • Higher availability of your tools, as they never have to leave the site for calibration
  • Significant time savings, as the tool never has to be transported to and from a service workshop
  • Greater assurance of calibration at the correct intervals
  • Extension of the lifespan of your tools due to timely maintenance
  • Compliance with service and calibration intervals by registration in our Tool Management System

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On-site calibration in van

If you need immediate calibration and servicing of your tools, we will come to you, saving you time and hassle of sending them to a workshop.

Our equipped calibration van is available when you need it. Just like our calibration container, our calibration van comes with state-of-the-art equipment, and always with one of our specialists who services, repairs, and guides you if you need it.Unlike the container, the van is ideal for smaller tasks that last less than a week.

Tasks done in the calibration van:

  • Calibration – see the table below for types of calibration 
  • Repair and maintenance 
  • Service 
  • Electrical safety check


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The calibration van is a flexible and efficient solution for you, where calibration and service must not stop the construction process.


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Moment Og Pumper
Torque and pumps, calibration of torque tools and hydraulic pumps

Service performed Workshop and on site container
Hydraulic torque wrenches up to 50.000 Nm – based on ISO 5393
Hand torque wrenches Up to 3.000 Nm – based on ISO5393
Tensioners Up to 64 mm
Multipliers and gear wrenches Up to 3.200 Nm
Hydraulic hoses All
Meters - Calibration of electrical and analog measuring equipment

Service performed Workshop and on site container
Amperemeter Op til 1.000 amp
Multimeter All
Temperature meters Up to 140°C
Infrared thermometer Up to 500 °C
Pressure gauges – digital and analog Up til 2.500 bar -based on DN/EN 837
Measuring clocks Up to 100 mm
Calipers – digital and analog From 100 – 250 mm
Temperature display All
Clamp ammeter All
Service Kalibrering
Tests and testers - calibration test and calibration of testers

PAT-test All
Electrical safety test Up to 230/110 V
Insulation tester (Electrical test) All
2264 143
Equipment calibration - On-site calibration of hydraulic and electric tools and instruments

Torque wrenches All brands – up to 50.000 Nm – based on ISO 5393
Tensioners All brands
Pumps and power packs All brands
Pressure gauges Up to 2.500 bar – based on DN/EN 837
Electric tools All brands
Temperature meters All brands
Digital pressure gauges All brands
Calipers All brands
Air pressure gauge All brands
PAT-test All brands

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