Generator rental
that powers your project

Generator rental that powers your project


Are you looking for generator rentals that can be used for your wind or construction project?


At HYTOR, we offer generator rentals for all types of projects. Our generators are both reliable and robust, and come with accompanying service and calibration.

With our generator rental, you get:


  • Separate fuel tanks of 400-3,000 liters
  • Big international brands such as Dargatech, Gesan, and Inmesol
  • Environmentally friendly generators that comply with EU3A standards
  • Operational reliability and minimal maintenance


Get your generator when you need it

It makes perfect sense to rent your generator from us when you do not need it permanently. This way, you save money by not investing in one or more generators that you only need for a temporary period.

Another advantage of generator rental is that you can have them delivered on short notice. This is often critical when the generator is to be used as a temporary power supply, where you need it right here, right now.

At HYTOR, we always have multiple generators in stock, so you can get them exactly when you need them.

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Get service and calibration included in the agreement

As part of the rental agreement, you get service included.

All our generators are serviced and thoroughly checked before you receive them. We offer on-site generator service, where we come to you - no matter where you are - if there should be a problem. In addition, we offer in-house generator service, where you can have your generators serviced at our location in Esbjerg. The choice is entirely up to you.

Common to our services is that they are carried out by our skilled specialists, who are experts in generators and their construction.

With several decades in the industry, we at HYTOR know everything there is to know about service and calibration of generators, so you can safely entrust it to us.

Rent a generator for the wind turbine or construction industry

Our generators are typically used offshore or in the wind turbine industry in connection with the installation of wind turbines at sea. Hence, they are extremely robust and can withstand the harsh maritime environment when wind turbines must be installed, and there is a need for an external power source for tasks such as tensioning or as a temporary power supply.

However, our generator rentals can also be used for larger construction projects, where there is often a need for a temporary power source for machinery and tools. Whatever your need for a generator, we are ready to handle the rental. This applies regardless of the number and type of generators required.

You also have the option to rent additional tanks, transformers, and to have your generator or emergency power system, UPS, custom-fitted to meet your exact needs. We do this by sizing and configuring the generator according to your preferences. To learn more about our generators, please visit our website or contact us directly for more information.

Learn more about our generator solutions

Installation of wind turbines


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Documented generator service

All our generators are documented and registered in our Tool Management System, where we collate all data in one place, ensuring both you and we have access to it. Backed by a large firm and decades of experience, you can be assured of receiving safety, relevant certifications, quality assurance, and, importantly, documentation.

Our Tool Management System also helps us keep track of service intervals, so you'll know when your generator is due for service again. This is your guarantee for clear documentation when you rent a generator from us.

Learn more here

Tool management system


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Power up your construction site with our generators.


At HYTOR, we are known for our expertise in, among other things, generators. With us, you can be sure that documentation, service, and delivery are taken care of.


With our 360-degree solution, you are guaranteed high quality and quick delivery of your generator, whether you need emergency power, a construction generator, or a mobile unit for the construction site. We ensure that you get a generator that's reliable and requires as little maintenance as possible. Therefore, with us, you have the opportunity to power up your construction project in a quick, safe, and efficient way.



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