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During rescue operations, where every second can be crucial, it is important to have the right equipment on hand. We are experts in rescue tools, and we offer an extensive selection of rescue tools that are designed to save lives in critical situations.


Our tools combine ergonomics, strength, easy operation, and reliability, making them a first choice for several rescue services when it comes to freeing trapped individuals.

When it comes to emergency rescue efforts, every single tool in HYTOR's range is carefully selected to guarantee optimal efficiency and safety. In urgent and critical scenarios, such as traffic accidents or building collapses, our rescue tools are specifically designed to tackle even the most demanding challenges. 

This ensures that rescue personnel are equipped with the best tools to efficiently carry out life-saving work under critical conditions.

A wide selection of rescue tools

To ensure the best conditions for saving lives in critical situations, we have a broad range of rescue tools available.

This includes:

  • Airbags whose solid construction makes them safe for both rescuers and the entrapped.
  • Lifting bags, as they are also known, are ideal when an rescue requires lifting objects such as vehicles.
  • Cutters available with both battery and hydraulic pump connections. Whether you choose a hydraulic cutter or a battery-powered one, you are assured of a quick and gentle extrication.
  • Spreaders, which with interchangeable spreader tips, lightweight, and great strength, are an indispensable rescue tool during rescue.
  • Combi tools, which with combined cutting and spreading functions, are ideal for rapid responses, as they save time by avoiding the need to switch tools during complex extrications.
  • RAM, which as a pushing tool, has both powerful and consistent capabilities, is extremely well-suited for keeping materials stable in place so individuals can be freed safely and efficiently. 
  • RIT-TOOL, a door opener that can handle the latest types of apartment doors, as well as other door types.

Our assortment of both hydraulic and battery-powered rescue tools ensures that rescue teams can tackle the challenges they face, whether performing rescues after traffic accidents, collapses, or other types of disasters.

Weber Rescue – World-class rescue equipment

Weber Rescue is globally recognized for their outstanding quality and innovation in rescue equipment. We are your partner for rescue tools from Weber-Rescue.

Weber Rescue's advanced and innovative hydraulic and battery-powered rescue tools are known for their precision and efficiency, making the extrication tools from Weber-Rescue the preferred choice for a large part of, among others, the Danish emergency services.

The tools are not just powerful. They are also extremely user-friendly, which is crucial in quick and stressful rescue situations. With a constant focus on innovation, Weber Rescue continues to develop new technologies that set the standard within rescue equipment. By choosing our Weber Rescue products, rescue teams and services gain access to top-class equipment that can make a critical difference in urgent moments.

Furthermore, the thoughtful design of the tools contributes to low maintenance costs, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

View the selection from Weber Rescue here:

Weber Rescue

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Battery driven rescue tools

Battery-powered extrication tools are becoming increasingly popular among emergency services due to their numerous advantages. Designed to be both powerful and user-friendly, such tools are ideally suited to rescue operations.

The weight and design of battery-powered extrication tools ensure that these tools are extremely manageable, even under the most challenging conditions. This is particularly important as operations often need to be carried out in difficult positions, where traditional tools may be unsuitable.

With the POW3R motor, Weber Rescue is the fastest and most powerful rescue tool on the market for even quicker and smoother rescue operations. The cutting tools now come with optimized blade geometry for even higher cutting power and a new stronger central bolt that provides greater stability and also includes a new lubrication system in the central bolt. The yellow "inserts" for the cutting knife significantly reduce maintenance costs and are easy and quick to replace.


We have 2 series of battery-powered extrication tools from Weber Rescue

See the video and the various selections in the links below

Hydraulic rescue tool

Weber Rescue Hydraulic Rescue Tools with hose

Hydraulic extrication tools remain a solution for some emergency services but are today primarily used for special tasks.

The hydraulic extrication tools can operate with extremely high force and can therefore be used in special situations. HYTOR's selection of hydraulic rescue equipment is designed to deliver unparalleled power and reliability.

With everything from cutters to spreaders, our hydraulic tools ensure that rescue personnel have the necessary strength to handle even the most challenging rescue situations.

See the selection of hydraulic extrication tools.

Hydraulic rescue tool

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Weber Rescue has a wide range of accessories:

  • Lifting Bags
  • Stabilization Equipment 
  • Work Gloves
  •  Glass Saw
  •  Halligan Tool
  •  Reciprocating Saw Blades
  •  Cover Systems
  •  Lights and Area Lighting


Accessories from Weber Rescue


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