Specialized valves for 
critical environments

Specialized valves for critical environments


When working with process plants in critical environments such as the oil and gas industry or power-to-x, it is crucial that valves meet stringent requirements.


At HYTOR, we excel in valves with extended functionality or valves with reduced weight and space footprint.

We have extensive experience in stepping into tasks where you lack a valve with a special function that does not already exist. In most cases, we can create a special valve that matches your requirements.

This applies whether the challenges are related to space, need for special materials, a solution that is reliable in critical environments, or must be ATEX-certified.

We can create specialized valves precisely according to your specifications.

Our core competence lies especially within special conditions for compact and lightweight valve solutions.

This applies to all types of valves, including:

Manually actuated valves (2 way / 3 way ball valves, needle valves, etc.) 

  • Electrically actuated valves
  • Pneumatically actuated valves
  • Hydraulically actuated valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Pressure control valves
  • Pressure relief valves

Many years of experience with the production of special valves ensure that we have the competencies and a setup that can accommodate a partnership process that provides you confidence in the development process.

Just as we have decades of experience with both light and very complex documentation packages on specialized valves, we are your guarantee that all special valves are documented and quality assured.

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Optimize the space around the system with specialized valves

Our specification-based valves are ideal for use in situations where space may be an issue. For example, if you have FSV valves (Fire Safety Valves) with a tube-fitting-tube-fitting construction and want to reduce the risk of leaks, we can develop a solution that compresses your installation into a specialized valve while retaining functionality and ensuring the blocking of your system in case of an accident.

In this way, you not only gain more space but also reduce the risk and make the system more service-friendly.

With decades of experience and knowledge about everything from specialized safety valves suited for space clearance  in a critical high-pressure environment, we can engineer valves that match your project. 

We do it with great precision and a focus on safety and reliability. 

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The specialized valves we develop are ideal for use in cases where the valve, for instance, requires an alloy or a sealing material capable of withstanding high temperatures and in a critical environment where there is a high risk of corrosion.



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Find out if we can engineer your special valve.


Specialized valves can solve major challenges effortlessly.

Challenges can quickly arise in relation to both time and costs if you need to adapt an installation to a new function and want to avoid a major remodeling. Or if the original plan does not fit with the new one.

For instance, you may encounter a situation where you have a plant where equipment and valves are already installed, but the seals do not match the plant's functions. Perhaps they only withstand low temperatures, but it may not have been considered that you need to flush the system with thousand-degree hot media every ten years.

In cases like this, you can either choose to replace all the valves, or you can have a seal made by, for example, adjusting the interior and specializing it – thereby saving major costs.

You can also have customized high-pressure valves created that can expand the properties - without making physical changes. We can extend the valve's isolation properties with one small smart change, without cumbersome modifications. If you face similar challenges and would like to have valves specialized to your exact challenges, we can put together the most optimal solution for you.

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Isolations valves comes in variety formates

We canot overlook that safety is the top priority when it comes to working with systems in green energy and oil and gas.

An isolation valve may be what makes the difference.

Take, for example, our Fire Safety Block Valve, which, as a specially developed block valve, ensures that no leaks occur before the first Shut-Off valve on an oil and gas platform, and you avoid an expensive shutdown of the well.

Another example could be our Emergency Shut Down valve (ESD), which is a hydraulic shut-off valve, allowing you to close all injection points.

Get your valves custom-made by us

Talk to a specialist

Our specialists are experts in all forms of green energy and the offshore oil and gas industry. With our comprehensive support, you are guaranteed everything related to safety, quality assurance, certification, and documentation when you need to have custom valves created for your system.

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