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Tool Management System


Our Tool Management System is designed to give you complete control and an overview of your tools.


With the system, you can keep track of service intervals, consult torque tables, certificates, and all documentation on your tools – anytime and anywhere.

We record all calibrated, serviced, and repaired tools in our Tool Management System, so you always have a complete overview. It’s your guarantee that we have the data on your tools compiled in one place.

What is the Tool Management System?

Our Tool Management System is a web-based solution that creates a consolidated view of all your tools. With access to the Tool Management System, either through a desktop or via an app on a smartphone, you can get an overview of service intervals, consult torque tables, certifications, and other information, as well as documentation on the tools. Additionally, you can see the location of your tools when logged in or receive a notification when it is time for your equipment to be calibrated.

Service and calibration intervals are displayed with the number of days until the next service. This makes it easy to plan when tools or equipment should be serviced or calibrated, ensuring that you don't have tools or equipment with exceeded service or calibration intervals without your knowledge.

Benefits of the Tool Management System


We understand that it can sometimes be a challenging task to keep track of which tools and equipment need servicing and when it's time for maintenance and calibration. The Tool Management System is the helping hand you're missing in a busy day-to-day filled with juggling numerous tasks. The system contributes, among other things, to: 

Centralized Overview: Get a consolidated view of all your tools and equipment, making it easier to plan and manage.

Prevention of Downtime: With automatic reminders, it ensures that tools are always serviced and calibrated, minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime.

Compliance with Standards: The maintenance of accurate and up-to-date service logs ensures that you comply with relevant industrial standards and regulations.

Customized User Experience: With various levels of access, the system can be customized to meet the specific needs of different users within the organization.

Mobile Access: With a mobile app, it's easy to access important information and documentation, no matter where you are.

Are you unsure whether the Tool Management System can make a difference for your business?

Online service book for your tools

Online Service Book Feature in the Tool Management System The Tool Management System offers an online service book, where all the history and documentation for each piece of tool are consolidated. This includes service history, calibration reports, and certificates. This feature contributes significantly to a high degree of transparency and traceability, which is crucial for quality control and compliance with industrial standards. 

Having a detailed overview of each tool's condition and maintenance history allows you to more easily anticipate potential problems and plan for preventive maintenance before costly failures and unexpected downtime occur. This leads not only to a more efficient operation but also to significant savings in maintenance costs in the long term.


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Who can benefit from a Tool Management System?

We tailor access levels for each individual user to ensure they receive precisely the information and functionalities most relevant to their specific role. This means we implement different user access tiers, with each user only having access to the data and tools necessary for their work.

For instance, members of a site crew can use a companion app to scan all tools and equipment via a QR code. This provides access to all the tool's data, including clamp tables and more.

On the other hand, a site supervisor has desktop access to overview all tools and equipment used at a particular worksite. This broad view allows for more effective management. Notifications alert when it's time to send your equipment in for service and calibration.

Lastly, a site coordinator has access to view all tools owned by the client. This is crucial for coordinating resources and planning. This approach ensures that each user receives a tailored experience, optimizing efficiency and safety in their work.

How do I access the Tool Management System?

HYTOR's Tool Management System is more than just a tool management system; it is a solution that provides you with a unified view of your entire tool and equipment fleet, displays data on all your equipment, and sends you a notification when it's time for service and calibration.

With features like automatic recall of torque tools, automatic recall of tools for calibration and service, and an online service log, this system sets a new standard in tool management. It is an investment that gives you full oversight.

Download Tool Management here:

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ReadUnit - Android

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