Power for your task
with temporary generator solutions

Provide power to your task with temporary generator solutions


Do you have a project where you do not have access to the power grid, or equipment that requires a backup power system?


At HYTOR, we have a wide range of generator solutions that are perfect for use where there is no access to the power grid. 

We rent, lease, and sell generators to the wind industry and construction industry, among others, and we provide service and maintenance of your generators on-site or at our workshop.

High-quality generators

With decades of experience in the wind turbine industry, among others, we guarantee generators with high operational reliability and minimal maintenance. We only have top-quality generators that meet all requirements and are delivered with a full documentation package. With HYTOR backing you, you get not only the documentation package but also the right certifications, complete safety, and generators that comply with EU3A standards.

Generators tailored to your needs

We specify and customize the generators to your exact needs - regardless of industry and requirements.

Therefore, we also accommodate your specified dimensions and configure it to match the purpose and location you need.



Generators for the wind industry

For several decades, we have supplied and rented out generators for the installation and service of wind turbines, both offshore and onshore.

Often, we provide generators in conjunction with electric and hydraulic specialized tools for wind turbine installation.

Many years of experience give us the right knowledge about generators for the wind industry specifically, and our generators are therefore both robust and solid, designed to be resilient in critical environments including at sea where salt, wind, and sun are harsh on the generators.

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Generators for the construction industry

Generators are also ideal to use on construction sites where equipment, cranes, or machines require power, but where the power grid is not accessible.

With many years of experience in the supply and configuration of generator systems for the construction industry, we can provide you with one or more construction site generators.

It is crucial that the generator meets the standards and conditions of the construction site, and therefore, we take it for granted to help you size your generator so that it matches your specific application.

Get your generator serviced

We understand how crucial it is for your generator to be functioning optimally when you need it. 

Therefore, in connection with renting, leasing, or purchasing one or more generators from us, a generator service agreement is offered as an option included in the package.

Our trained mechanics and generator specialists ensure the service of your generator fleet. The generator service can be carried out onsite or in our large workshop in Esbjerg.

At our workshop or onsite with you

Whether your generator is serviced at our workshop or onsite at your location, we always service both the electrical system and the combustion engine, as well as perform a load test during the same service visit, saving you both time and money.

We also always make sure to document the generator in our online service book, the Tool Management System, ensuring constant control over service intervals and that all documentation is collected in one place.

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Hytor Mads Rævskær Terp Thomsen

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