Substantial experience with
special tasks within flushing

Flushing equipment and expert advice 


Cleaning pipes within district heating production, heat generation, district heating pipes, or chemical systems requires precise knowledge about flushing equipment.


That is something we can provide at HYTOR. 

Our foremost task is to find the equipment that exactly matches your task, and therefore, no flushing task is too big, too small, or too complicated.

We handle all special tasks within flushing 

When we talk about flushing at HYTOR, this includes services such as:

  • Flushing systems 
  • Chemical flushing 
  • Gas flushing 
  • Particle cleaning and analysis


Avoid downtime with flushing

During the flushing of pipes, a high water velocity is created, which helps ensure that all foreign bodies are removed from the pipes. Therefore, the flushing process is crucial to perform during the establishment of new process pipes. A significant portion of operational shutdowns can indeed be attributed to foreign bodies in the pipes, making it essential to have a flushing system that thoroughly cleans the pipes before the actual production starts.

Our flushing systems meet all current requirements and standards and provide in-depth cleaning of the pipes, preventing operational downtime or reducing efficiency.


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Extensive experience with specialized flushing tasks

We have completed many specialized tasks within flushing for a variety of industries, primarily within the district heating industry. We have the competencies to create special setups for flushing, cleaning pipes with liquids at high velocity.

It is typically said that the liquid velocity through a pipeline must be sufficient for it to be correctly cleaned. 

With HYTOR's assistance, you get both the right knowledge and the right equipment for your flushing task.

With decades of experience, you can feel safe in our hands.


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At HYTOR, we provide both equipment and guidance within flushing tasks. This means that with us, you not only get the equipment but also a guiding and extended service partner with knowledge about the correct velocities.




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Let us be your service partner for your flushing task

Are you looking for a collaborative partner or a fresh set of eyes on your flushing task?

We excel in filtration technology and can fully address your flushing needs. No matter what industry you’re from—be it the green energy sector, the energy and utilities industry, or the oil and gas industry—we can find a flushing system that meets your needs and requirements.

With us, you will receive: 

  • A strong team with technical competencies, specialized in high pressure and high temperatures
  • A solution that combines the right flushing equipment with advisory services
  • A well-established team with a comprehensive documentation package, certifications, and security
  • A partner with extensive knowledge on everything from flushing systems and thorough cleaning systems to particle cleaning.

Let our specialists guide you

 Are you unsure about which solution best matches your needs?

Then rely on one of our specialists and learn more about how we can assist you further.

Hytor Thomas Gliese
Thomas Gliese
Head of Division - Systems

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Hytor Morten Larsen
Morten Larsen
Business Development Manager - Systems

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Hytor Thomas Blok Therkildsen
Thomas Blok Therkildsen
Head of Projects - Systems

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Hytor Flemming Rosenberg Nørgaard
Flemming Rosenberg Nørgaard
Project Manager - Systems

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Hytor Mark Preben Kjellerup
Mark Preben Kjellerup
Technical Project Manager - Systems

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Hytor Michael Poulsen
Michael Poulsen
Sales Consultant - Systems

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Hytor Per Strandby
Per Strandby
Sales Consultant - Systems

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Hytor Charlotte H Meier
Charlotte H Meier
Project Assistant - Systems

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Mejdi Soltani
Project Assistant - Systems

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Hytor Henriette Murel
Henriette Murel
Project Assistant - Systems

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