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Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard


Stable and effficient operation around the clock

At HYTOR, we have deep roots in Danish engineering traditions and an extensive understanding of industrial mechanics.


We are driven to create and offer top-tier solutions that cater to a broad range of needs within the power plant sector and utility industry. Our advanced systems are designed to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

We are with you in every step from idea generation to energy optimization

Across all areas of the utility industry, we can facilitate, advise and deliver holistic solutions. This is irrespective of whether it entails connection to hydrogen plants, heating supply, or something entirely different.

We approach all projects with energy efficiency and optimization in mind, as our efforts must contribute to improving current conditions, preferably through the use or partial use of alternative energy.

Every single detail

At HYTOR, we understand the importance of every single detail when it comes to power plants and the utility industry because even minor fluctuations can have significant implications for the bigger picture. In this context, reliable compressed air is a necessity – not just an option.

With our expertise in gas handling, we offer customized solutions that help manage and process various types of gases effectively and safely.

Our maintenance and service systems are comprehensive to handle a broad range of situations and ensure that your production operates optimally with a minimum amount of downtime and maximum efficiency.

Simply launching a project is only the first half of the endeavor. The second half consists of maintenance, monitoring, and servicing as needed.

Reliable power supply across entire Denmark

Energy and utilities play a crucial role in our modern world; from lighting and heating our homes, powering our numerous electronic devices, to fueling and charging our cars.

In the corporate world, energy and utilities are key factors for success and competitiveness. Whether it concerns production processes, transportation, or operations, reliable and efficient energy is essential to keep everything running smoothly.

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Energy and utility management is a great responsibility

Within the energy sector, energy production and supply are at the heart of the entire industry. This complex and vital area encompasses everything from the extraction and production of energy resources to the distribution and supply of power to millions of users worldwide.

Energy is the driving power of our modern society, and factors such as supply reliability, efficiency, and sustainability are critical parameters for any nation or organization within this sector.

The methods by which we produce, distribute, and manage energy have a profound impact on the environment and influence, how we interact with the world.


For instance, we are currently actively involved in a project where the world's largest seawater pump, as of this writing, is under construction. 

The objective of this ambitious project is to harness heat from seawater to be used for supplying heating systems.

Are you ready for the future of energy supply?

The energy sector is currently navigating through an exciting era of challenges that includes satisfying a constantly growing demand, reducing environmental impacts, and adopting alternative energy sources and strategies, more comprehensively than ever before.

Our group of specialists is fully prepared to take on these challenges, committed to creating and implementing customized systems to your requirements. 

We excel in orchestrating complex systems into a cohesive and efficient unit. This approach do not only ensures a steady and effective solution that enhances energy efficiency, but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

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Safty first

While our focus may be on systems, machines, and facilities, it is equally about people, and their safety is not something we never compromise on.

This is why we provide the necessary equipment and systems that guarantee safe operations and comply with the highest safety standards. But safety is also about trusting one another and knowing that you are in good hands.

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When we say, that we see projects through to the end, we mean it.


Let our specialists guide you

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