Service both at
our location and on-site

Service of special tools and systems – Both On-site and at our own workshop


Correct and timely service is crucial for your systems and tools to function optimally, and to avoid costly operational downtime.


At HYTOR, our experienced specialists and mechanics ensure the service and calibration of special tools and integrable systems, allowing you to focus on performing your tasks.

Our service extends broadly across almost everything we already supply and construct within both electric and hydraulic tools for bolt tensioning, hydraulic control systems, and emergency power generators.

Service onsite or at our location

We make it as easy as possible for you.

This is why we offer service, repair, and maintenance at our workshop in Esbjerg, where we have a complete overview, the right repair equipment, and multiple specialists on hand. But we also perform service and calibration on-site – easily accessible for you.

If you go for on-site service, our specialists will travel to you and perform a thorough service check on your special tools or systems.

Among other things, we offer on-site surveys of your hydraulic or chemical system, as we know that regular reviews of your system can be crucial both to avoid operational downtime and to optimize chemical usage. By doing it on-site, you gain both time efficiency and economic benefits.

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Experienced service specialists

Our specialists have many years of experience with the calibration and service of tools and systems as well as the documentation of both.

Common to all our service specialists is that they have the right knowledge about hydraulic systems and tools and have a large backing, which ensures a full documentation package, quality assurance, relevant certification, and overall safety.


Economically responsible service 


When you need service or repair of your tool, or a service check on your system, we always make sure to thoroughly review the equipment before any tests, calibrations, or repairs. We conduct an "as found" test, which means that we check if the equipment performance has been sufficient before the actual service begins. 

This helps to ensure that our service and repair remains economically justifiable, and it also ensures that we avoid repairing a tool or system that might need to be replaced.

We pass on the baton with courses in service and bolt tensioning


As part of our service, we also offer courses on how to service, for example, hydraulic tools or perform bolt tensioning yourself.


We want to pass on our robust knowledge. A course is ideal if you do not have the opportunity to send your equipment for service to us, or if you prefer that it's your own technicians and staff who perform the service.

In such cases, we educate your technicians in the correct service of hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps, as well as the correct torque tensioning.

You can read more about our courses 

Certified bolt tensioning


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We share our knowledge and educate you and your colleagues




Tool Management System

We record all calibrated, serviced, and repaired tools in our Tool Management System, which functions as an online service logbook.

This ensures that we have all the data on your tools in one place. Here you will find, among other things, service intervals, tension tables, certificates, and all documentation on the service we perform. 

Read more 

Tool management system


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Thorough service checks are crucive to operations

We understand how crucial it is for your tools and systems to function correctly, optimally, and precisely.

For example, we know that assembly, proper cleaning, and testing are crucial for the functionality and longevity of your hydraulic torque tensioning tools - or that an under- or overtightened bolt can have significant consequences.


Does your tool, generator or system need a service check?

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Lene Jørgensen
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