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Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard

Tools for the most demanding industries


At HYTOR, we are experts in providing tools solutions for the most demanding industries.


Ergonomics, strength, and efficiency are crucial for many of the customers we serve.

Therefore, these are also the keywords for the tools we offer. Yet, our solutions span broadly, as we also offer custom solutions for the particular task or challenge you face.

At HYTOR, you can also rent tools, we have an extensive selection of tools in stock for day to day delivery.

We also calibration and service your tools no matter the brand regardless of the brand and model. 

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Calibration Purchase, rent or leasing

Specializing in hydraulic and electric tools for bolt tensioning

For decades, we at HYTOR have specialized in hydraulic and electric tensioning and torque tools, which, for example, are ideal for the installation of wind turbines and the many bolts that must be tightened to the proper torque.

Our foundation is particularly in the hydraulic tools, but in recent years, electric bolt tensioning tools have also become indispensable in many industrial applications – from wind energy to offshore and heavy industry.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of electric and battery-powered (cordless) bolt tensioning tools with control and precision.


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Quality tools that last

One thing is that our tools are good and efficient, but another is that they need to withstand continuous and prolonged use.

Therefore, we only offer tool solutions that match both the needs and standards within the wind industry, offshore industry, and generally heavy industry – and always from either recognized international brands or niche companies.

In addition, we conduct strict quality tests on our tools to ensure that they can withstand the work they are supposed to help you perform. For example, our bolt tensioning tools must be able to tension many thousands of bolts without affecting the tool. Our tests are designed to help ensure this.

At HYTOR, we also have a special Tool Management System, which not only keeps track of your tools' data but can also remind you when it's time for a service check.


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Tool management system

Custom solutions for special tasks and industries 

In many cases, our customers are faced with a unique task or problem that requires a tailor-made solution to resolve.

At HYTOR, we excel in customizing such special solutions – with a focus on ergonomics and efficiency to minimize strain on the user.

This approach not only makes the work less physically demanding but also enhances the job satisfaction and performance.

Explore a selection of our custom solutions below:

Customized Solutions


The ergonomic support tool

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See how the support tool is working

Rent or lease our quality tools

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It might be an advantage for you to rent or lease our tools
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Rental and Leasing Solutions for Quality Tools

We recognize that it may not always be economically or practically feasible to purchase our tools outright. For this reason, we have made it possible for you to rent or lease some of our high-quality products.

When you choose to rent tools from us, we ensure they are delivered directly to the specified address, making the process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible for you.

Thanks to our extensive inventory, we are able to offer next-day delivery in most cases, allowing you to quickly put the tools to use.

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please feel free to get in touch with one of our skilled specialists.
We are ready to assist you with personalized advice to ensure you find the perfect fit for your requirements.
Hytor Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard
Sales Manager - Tools

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Bo Pedersen
Sales Engineer - Tools

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Bent Madsen
Sales Engineer - Tools

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Mads Rævskær Terp Thomsen
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Mads Berg Bahl
Technical Project Engineer - Tools

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Karsten Vestergaard Jepsen
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