We are dedicated to continuously improving 

our ethical, social, and environmental impact

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Code of conduct

What the code of conduct means to us

Our Code of Conduct lays out the ethical standards which form the foundation of our business practices.

In all our endeavours, compliance with national laws and regulations in the countries where we operate serves as a cornerstone.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our ethical, social and environmental impact.This includes an active effort to reduce our environmental footprint, ensure the health and safety of our employees, offer fair and timely compensation to our workforce, and maintain integrity in all our activities.

It is crucial that all our employees understand and adhere to this Code of Conduct. This commitment also extends to our business partners, including subcontractors and service providers, whom we expect to join us in our efforts to promote responsible practices across the entire supply chain.

By working together, we can ensure that our business is not only productive but also positively contributes to society and the environment.


Pdf version can be downloaded here:

Code Of Conduct UK

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