Ergonomic supporting tool
Safety and innovative solution 

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Ergonomic supporting tool


Safety and innovative problem-solving are at the core of HYTOR, and this is evident in our latest development: The weightless ergonomic support arm for torque tensioning tools.


We provide a complete solution. 

With this weightless ergonomic support arm combined with our torque tensioning tool, you will achieve faster and more precise bolt tensioning, while simultaneously collecting all data for documentation.

Our ergonomic support tool

Aims to relieve the operator, reduce strain, and prevent injuries. In this way, the job becomes much safer when working with heavy torque tools, ranging from 10 to 60 kg.

This ergonomic tool ensures that bolt tensioning tasks are not only more efficient and accurate but also significantly safer and less physically demanding for operators.

Our ergonomic supporting tool consists of: 

  • Support tool arm
  • Torque tensioning tool
  • In-house controller

With this ergonomic tool, you get an innovative solution that optimizes your work with bolt tensioning to be efficient, have minimal operator strain, and be precise and, above all, safe.

Here are just a few examples of the support arm's benefits:
  • Full data logging and documentation: Everything is documented for future use when connected to the AcrraDyne control system or another intelligent tool.
  • Precision handling of heavy tools: Maximize the accuracy of your tasks without strain.
  • Weight elimination for the operator: Boost productivity by removing the strain from the tools.
  • Capacity to handle up to 60 kg equipment: Strength meets flexibility in a robust design.
  • Minimization of operator strain: Solutions tailored to reduce the physical demands on operators.
  • Possibility for customized solution: Adaptations available to meet specific project needs and requirements.



Protect your operators with ergonomic support tools

When the workday is long and the work involves heavy tools, it is crucial that your operators are well covered. They need to handle the demanding tasks without getting injured.

With our ergonomic support tools, you can create a minimization of operator strain and thereby reduce static work positions and risk of injury. 

The full mobility of the support arm and the weightless state ensure efficient and safe work for your operators.

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Custom tool solution

Our support arm ensures that you can perform your bolt-tensioning tasks in the correct sequence, and our varied product line is designed to meet your specific needs.

The arm is also compatible with a multitude of main components, giving you plenty of options to customize and integrate the tool as you desire. Therefore, you have ample opportunity to customize and tailor the support tool to match your requirements, needs, and wishes.

Our weightless support arm is part of our custom solutions, which can always be adjusted.

You can also always reach out to one of our experienced specialists. We will then tailor the solution to your preferences. 


Learn more about our custom solutions here.


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The benefits of our support arm are numerous and can make a big difference in the workday - both for your operators, the performance of the construction, and the overall efficiency. Three factors that are especially important in the wind industry and in connection with the installation production of wind turbines.



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Increase efficiency

Another important function of our ergonomic support tool is that it provides you with the opportunity to connect one, two, or more torque tools to the support arm.

This creates flexibility to tighten multiple bolts in a single pass, as opposed to the usual way where you can only tighten one bolt at a time. The connection of multiple torque tools at the same time thus helps to increase overall efficiency, allowing you to achieve the result of bolt tensioning more quickly.

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Elevate your productivity with us

At HYTOR, we are experts in hydraulic and electric tools, and we are constantly evolving with new types of tools and custom tool solutions.

With decades of experience and skilled specialists in ergonomic tools specifically, we can guide you to make the right choice. Contact us, and let us help you elevate your productivity and work safety to new heights.


See how the weightless support arm works in practice in the video.


Here you can see the support arm in action with an operator inside one of the larger wind turbines with hundreds of bolts.

In the video, it is clear to see how the weightless tool can be easily and effortlessly moved from one bolt to another without straining the operator and more quickly than would be possible without the support arm.

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Have a look


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