Automation, control, management, and
 a critical factor for your systems.

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Automated control, operation and monitoring of your systems


Automation, control, operation and monitoring are crucial factors to ensure correct operation and functionality, whether you are dealing with systems that entail gas, chemicals, high temperatures, flows, or something completely different.


At HYTOR, control, operation, and monitoring are an integral part of all the solutions and systems we deliver. The only difference is whether it should be done manually, mechanically, or automated. It depends solely on your needs, requirements, and budget constraints. .

Our solutions

Our control and monitoring solutions are particularly suitable for use in green energy applications but can also be relevant for utilities and oil and gas extration and production. Common to all is that our automated control and monitoring naturally comply with current safety and documentation requirements.

Therefore, you are in absolutely safe hands with us.


As a part of almost all our solutions, you will find, among other things:

  • Automatic management
  • Mechanical management
  • Automatic process monitoring
  • Control systems
  • PLC and HMI control systems
  • ATEX solutions

Get your process resolved with automatic or mechanical control

At HYTOR, we are a system integrator.

This means we often receive inquiries from our customers who need help managing a process or addressing an issue, for example, with their hydraulic system. Our offerings within control and monitoring can help support technicians in their daily work.

You may already have a complete specification for the automatic control  and operation that you need to be designed and constructed, or you may need advice regarding which system thatmatches your requirements, and what type of monitoring that makes sense for you.

This is where we come into the picture.

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We offer several options

In brief, this means you have two options; mechanical and intuitive or automated.

If you choose a mechanical and intuitive solution, tasks will be performed by a person who understands the system, can turn and adjust the different components, etc.

If you select an automated solution, you get a plug-and-play solution, where all processes, control, and monitoring occur entirely automatically. Regardless your choosing it is possible to combine automatic and mechanical control to find a process that makes sense for you, your project, budget, and wishes.

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With us, you get:


  • Automation solutions that ease and match your process and system.
  • A comprehensive documentation package, which covers everything from quality assurance to certification.
  • The support of a large, experienced team specialized in control, operation and monitoring systems.
  • Specialist knowledge in green energy, utilities and offshore.
  • ATEX specialists


Let us contact you

Are you unsure which type of control and monitoring that best matches your needs?


Automation saves you operator time

One of the major advantages of automated control and monitoring is that it enables unmanned operation of systems, thereby saving you operator time and minimizing the risk of errors.

We are your sounding board 

Regardless of the size and complexity of your project – from simple solutions to large and complex automation systems – we offer advice on control and monitoring, including PLC and HMI solutions and ATEX automated solutions as well.

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Let us help you with control and monitoring

At HYTOR, we take pride in making your process as efficient, secure, and easy as possible.

We have decades of experience with automatic and mechanical control of systems, process monitoring, and automated solutions.

In addition to automating the operation, we also offer quality components for automatic measuring and monitoring temperature, level, pressure, flow, and leakage.

We take pride in understand your needs and advise you to the correct choice of instrumentation components.

Let us help you with automated operation, control and monitoring

Talk to a specialist. Are you unsure which type of control and monitoring best matches your needs?

Feel free to lean on one of our specialists, and hear more about how we can help you move forward.

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Thomas Gliese
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