Chemical distribution in
proper and responsible manner

Chemical distribution 


HYTOR has for many years maintained collaboration agreements with major pump suppliers to deliver advanced chemical injection equipment for oil and gas production - thereby preventing pipe calcification and rusting.


Chemicals ensure the reservoirs remain active for optimal gas production.

Our experience in the oil and gas industry with the distribution and dosing of chemicals has sparked interest in the district heating and water treatment industries.

The knowledge we've garnered over many years in the oil and gas sector is utilized to create solutions for supply in an easy and affordable manner.

When we talk about chemical distribution in a HYTOR context, it means that we can handle:

  • Distribution of chemicals within offshore, water treatment, and district heating
  • Chemical distribution in accordance with API 675 and 674 
  • Automated system solutions - Chemical systems for efficient regulation and data logging
  • Chemical injection


With chemical distribution from us, you receive:


  • Chemical systems for offshore, district heating, and water treatment
  • Specialists with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of chemical distribution
  • An extensive documentation package with quality assurance, safety, and the correct certifications
  • The option for specially designed dosing and distribution systems
  • The possibility for automation and data logging / data communication

Chemical distribution in a proper and responsible way

The North Sea Fund determines how much chemicals we can inject into the ground, and there are strict rules ensuring that the chemicals only enter the reservoir and not the sea. Our strength lies in this know-how and knowledge about chemicals, and we understand how to dose and handle chemicals correctly.

Our core value is ensuring that the chemical distribution is conducted in a proper and responsible manner.

We provide the right equipment so that the amount of chemicals injected into the ground is minimized, and the measurement of the chemicals is done in the most accurate way. This way, we protect the underground from unnecessary chemicals.

The gas industry, and by extension, chemical distribution, is crucial for our supply – but it must be done responsibly to avoid creating unnecessary problems. We are willing to take on this role, and with a portfolio full of references, we can manage the distribution of chemicals in the safest and most responsible way.


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Tower-high knowledge used in the future's district heating and water treatment

We are now also applying our strong knowledge and experience in chemical handling to the future of district heating and water treatment, for example, in data centers.

Therefore, we have shifted our focus and are using our know-how within dosing, handling, and distribution of chemicals from gas production to water treatment needs. These needs are necessary to maintain a proper environment in district heating plants, data centers, cooling systems, etc.

We build chemical systems with media such as chlorine and lye for water treatment and maintenance to prevent the formation of bio-organisms in your cooling water system. Depending on the chemical resistance, systems are made from appropriate materials, ranging from high-alloy stainless steel to plastic materials like PP.

We ensure the creation of chemical dosing systems that automatically distribute the right amount of chemicals.

Specially designed chemical distribution and dosing systems

Due to both environmental and economic reasons, the dosing of chemicals requires extreme accuracy.

We construct specially designed dosing systems that dispense the exact flow amount of chemicals from injection systems – regardless of fluctuating process pressure.

All our distribution systems are designed for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation and are tailored to both your specific requirements and those of the industry concerning measurement and data collection. This means you can have a fully automatic PLC- and tablet-controlled solution as your chemical system. We are known for creating distribution systems that require far less space compared to pump solutions. This is particularly advantageous when you need multiple injection points for, for example, the same chemical.

Therefore, we are your technical partner in specifying the system. This applies whether you need an electrically or pneumatically driven pump.

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With years of experience and a large number of deliveries to the oil and gas industry in both Denmark and the Middle East, we possess the exact competencies necessary to create an optimal dosing and distribution system for chemicals. Therefore, you are in safe hands with us.






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At HYTOR, you are guaranteed chemical distribution and chemical systems that are custom-made to meet your specific needs – and at the same time are both automated and monitored, ensuring that you receive the most efficient and safely created solution.

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