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We can customize a solution so you get a tool container filled with exactly the tools you need.


The advantages of having a complete tool solution at your site are numerous. It allows you to have everything gathered in one place and with precisely the tools that are needed for the task you are facing. We can customize a solution so you get a tool container filled with exactly the tools you need. 

The tool container contains everything you need on site, and it is equipped with exactly the tools you need for the specific task. It is convenient, easy, and necessary when you aim to streamline processes and create a better working environment.

The container only contains what you need

Clearly, a one-size-fits-all tool solution is far from enough when different tasks impose different requirements on tools, components, and equipment. Therefore, our tool solutions are numerous and can be customized to create exactly the tool container that you need.

We commit to creating a solution for you that works in the long run. We have extensive experience in meeting our customers' needs and creating 360-degree solutions.

Therefore, we also offer to manage your tool container, which means that we take care of:

  • Shipping to and from site
  • Servicing and calibrating all existing tools
  • Refilling of tools and components and preparation for the next task 
  • Storing the container with us until your next task creates a new need

A tool container concept including handling

The tool container can be combined with a variety of services and replenishment upon agreement, where we take care of all handling. In short, you can get an agreement where everything you need for your task is available when you need it.

We handle and store all your tools and equipment and replace them as needed. The agreement includes full service.

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An agreement so you can focus on the task

Imagine having all the tools and equipment you need, for example, at an installation site, and you do not have to drive after, wait for, order, or search for anything before you can get started on the work.

Everything is prepared and waiting for you - from generators, compressors, hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps to hoses, tensioners, hand tools, and consumables.

Everything is gathered in one tools container, where a solid shelf system makes it easy to find things and keep order.

Correct and inventory-controlled tools 

In a professional setting, tools are much more than just the specific equipment required for a particular task.

Delivering a job on time, within certain guidelines, accounting for both known and unknown factors, and achieving a good result requires a holistic view of the process.

A tool container is a central piece in this process, and there are several reasons for this.

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Organization and efficiency

A tool container is a practical way to organize and categorize tools, where you can easily and quickly get an overview and reduce waste time by searching for tools.

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High-quality tools and components must be protected to ensure their longevity and to prevent damage. Therefore, all our containers are constructed from materials that provide protection against impacts and environmental influences.

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Containers from HYTOR come in various sizes depending on the task and needs.

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When your work location changes, it is natural that tools and equipment must follow. A tool container ensures the necessary flexibility.

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We deal with many industries, but the wind turbine industry is of significant focus at HYTOR. Therefore, tools for this industry, the storage of these tools, and understanding their use is a specialty area.




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Specialists in tool selection 

At HYTOR, we have decades of experience with various tool brands across different industries. Hence, we possess extensive insight into how tools are treated, stored, maintained, as well as how they are handled and streamline workflows.

We are a large house with many specialists, and quality assurance, certification, and documentation are, of course, well managed, so you do not have to worry about that aspect.

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