Purchase, rental, or leasing
 – our concept offers you all possibilities

Buy, rental, or lease - our concept provides you with all possibilities 

Do you not use the hydraulic tool every day?


If you find yourself in a situation where the equipment is to be used only a few times or over a certain period, it may be beneficial for you to rent or lease your equipment instead of buying it.


Our concept is built on providing you with the option that suits you. This means that you can buy, rent, and lease your equipment, and we always have what you need in stock - whether it's a permanent purchase, a short-term rental, or a long-term lease.


We offer our customers several different solutions when the need arises for:

  • Generators
  • Toolkits
  • Tool containers
  • Test equipment
  • Dosing equipment
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Flange tools

The job can be accomplished with some of the best equipment available on the market. This ensures you a solid and precisely executed piece of work.

Purchase your equipment with low costs

If you use your equipment, tools, or system every day as an essential part of your business, it makes sense to invest in it permanently.

We like to call our purchase scheme a “pay-and-go” solution. You simply buy the product or solution from us.

This is the option that also comes with the lowest cost when you need to acquire hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic tools, generators or toolkits.


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Rent equipment without compromising on maintenance and quality

Do you need management of larger tool packages, or do you need to perform a test without using your own test equipment?

Purchasing the equipment will not always be the best solution for everyone. On the other hand, renting equipment is ideal when hydraulic, electrical, or pneumatic tools, generators, or similar are not needed permanently.

Many of our customers enjoy the flexibility of renting equipment from us.

Of course, we maintain and calibrate the tools and equipment after each rental, which is your guarantee that the tools and equipment are always in optimal condition.

Renting generators, hydraulic, electrical, or pneumatic tools is both an affordable and fast solution when you need specialized high-quality equipment for precise tasks.

We have an incredibly large selection of rental equipment in stock, which can be rented at very short notice.

You can always contact us for urgent matters.


Lease your equipment for the long term

If you need to own the equipment in the long term but are currently unable to acquire it, or if you are simply uncertain about your future needs, leasing generators, tool containers, and hydraulic, electrical, or pneumatic tools is an excellent option for you.

The same applies if, for example, you are remodeling your production or have suffered a breakdown. In these instances, it also makes sense to lease equipment for your production until a new permanent solution is built or a breakdown is repaired.

With us, you can advantageously lease equipment over a longer period, thereby ensuring daily operations until the permanent solution is in place. Leasing is an excellent way to acquire efficient and specialized tools and equipment of the highest quality.

This is typically a solution our customers choose when the equipment cannot be acquired through the operating budget.

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In collaboration with you, we will ensure to find the solution that best matches your needs – whether it's rental, leasing, or purchase. Please feel free to reach out to us.





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