Hydraulic lift- and lowering system
for heavy or critical tasks

Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard

Single- and double-acting cylinders for demanding lifting tasks


We offer a wide selection of hydraulic single- and double-acting cylinders in both steel and aluminum, all designed to handle demanding lifting tasks.


Our product line includes high-quality cylinders from internationally recognized brands such as Hi-Force and F.P.T., which are known for their excellent performance and reliability. With the option to choose between both steel and aluminum cylinders, you can find the perfect product and material for your specific lifting task.

The possibilities for customizing solutions for steel and aluminum cylinders are vast and include a variety of different setups. We find the right "setup" for your task, with manifolds, distributors, and hand pumps, air/hydraulic pumps, or electric pumps.

This flexibility ensures that you can choose the most effective and appropriate solution for your specific needs.

Choose a hydraulic lifting cylinder of robust quality – and get extended lifespan 

When selecting single- and double-acting lifting cylinders, as well as pistons, it is crucial to focus on robust quality to ensure a longer lifespan.

Our cylinders and pistons are designed with robustness in mind, which not only extends their lifespan but also ensures high operational reliability. Investing in our high-quality products means a reliable and lasting solution for your demanding lifting tasks, while also reducing the need to frequently replace and maintain equipment.

A synchronous lifting system is for you, if you:
  • Need to lift and lower applications
  • Typically need 4 to 48 lifting points in your lifts
  • Require lifting/lowering synchronously with 1 mm accuracy
  • Work with heavy, critical, and complex lifting tasks
  • Want to be able to choose exactly which cylinders should be operated
  • Desire a user-friendly, safe, and modularly structured system

Should your cylinder be in steel or aluminum?

We offer a wide range of both single- and double-acting cylinders in steel and aluminum, including a specialized series of aluminum-based lifting cylinders. These aluminum cylinders match the capacity of the steel cylinders but are significantly lighter, which makes them easier to maneuver and transport.

Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the decision-making process so that you get the most optimal solution for your specific lifting task. Understanding the importance of precision and safety in your work, we offer tailor-made solutions that fit your unique needs.

Whether it's for industrial, construction, or maintenance tasks, we ensure that you get cylinders and pistons that meet your requirements.

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Synchronous lifting/lowering system for heavy or critical tasks

Our advanced hydraulic lifting/lowering system is designed to handle heavy, complex, and critical lifting tasks with exceptional precision.

The system is ideal for precise lifting tasks such as maintenance of bridge and road constructions as well as installation of heavy plants. The system ensures synchronous lifts and lowerings with a precision down to one mm and is equipped with integrated control of hydraulics and positioning sensors.

A system that keeps track of your data

Controlled from a portable PC, the system offers a user-friendly interface with PLC control based on Siemens technology, providing a clear overview and simple management.

Unbalanced loads are precisely leveled throughout the process.

The system monitors all operational data, which improves both productivity and safety. These data can be saved and downloaded as needed.

With its modular functionality, the system can be customized with various optional features to meet specific lifting or lowering needs.

This makes it an indispensable tool for contractors who require high precision and reliability in their lifting tasks.

Download our data sheet on the synchronous hydraulic lift/lower system – read all the details about the hydraulic lift/lower system here:


Syncron Lifting/Lowering Systems UK

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We understand that each lifting task is unique and requires a detailed understanding of both the equipment capacities and the tasks requirements.
Per Østergaard



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Guide to lifting tasks 

When it comes to lifting tasks, having access to expert and specialized advice can be crucial. That's why at HYTOR, we have a team of experienced experts ready to provide professional guidance so you can choose the right equipment and the best method for your specific lifting tasks.

We understand that each lifting task is unique and requires a detailed understanding of both the equipment's capabilities and the task's requirements.

With us, you can be advised on the selection of the most suitable lifting equipment and optimization of lifting processes for safety assessments and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.


Synchronous lifting system for heavy or critical lifting tasks

Watch the video here and see what this solution includes
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Our goal is to contribute to your lifting tasks being carried out efficiently, safely, and with the highest degree of precision, supporting both productivity and safety in the workplace.

We understand that each lifting task is unique and requires a detailed understanding

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