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Hydraulic control systems according to your specifications


Hydraulic control systems are primarily used for the hydraulic control of valves. For several decades, we have delivered wellhead panels for use on platforms for extration of oil and gas from both Danish and foreign oil and gas fields.


Hydraulic control systems were one of the first things we at HYTOR embarked on back in the 80s, and we have delivered countless wellhead hydraulic control panels since. This means that we have a great deal of knowledge within in this application and are extremely skilled at specifically hydraulic systems.

With our hydraulic control systems, you get, among other things:


  • Wellhead control panels 
  • Solenoid Control Rack for topside (offshore oil & gas) valve control
  • Individual control plates for single valves
  • Control for "partial stroke" with stroke length adjustment on diaphragm pumps
  • Varied hydraulically actuated and regulated systems

Our hydraulic control systems are designed based on the principl of minimal maintenance, without compromising the availability of the individual instruments and components in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic control systems with best-in-class security

When gas and oil are extracted and distributed in the pipes, it is opened by systems with valves that are hydraulically controlled. It's crucial that the hydraulic process, which needs to open the valves slowly and close them quickly enough, happens both safely and correctly in this very critical environment.

The environment is critical because it deals with salt, gas, high pressure, and high temperatures. Even the smallest mistake can create significant challenges - parameters that we take into account. It's relies naturally for us to work according to international standards, norms, and requirements covering CE, PED, ATEX, API, among others - and of course according to exactly your specification. 

Custom hydraulic control 

No system in the oil and gas industry is identical. That's why we offer complete hydraulic control systems that are customized to the exact specifications you have for the hydraulic control of valves.

Our strong engineering team, in collaboration with our technical project manager, assembles the hydraulic systems based on the specifications you operate under. We are adept at identifying where optimizations can be made, and it is a matter of course for us to always design the hydraulic systems based on "best practice". In this way, we also ensure the optimal operation of your overall process.

We naturally take into account that the hydraulic systems meet your requirements for flow rates, opening and closing times, pressure ranges, and accumulated energy (flow and pressure).

We are your guarantee that everything in your hydraulic system runs flawlessly, and that control of valve control and the wellhead control panel is managed properly.

A solution example of a hydraulic system

  • Customized working areas related to pressure and flow A pressure of up to 1,380 bar
  • Can be combined with HPU, as well as accumulator rack, or can be built as one integrated unit
  • Compliance with cleanness code according to ISO4406

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Over time, we have delivered a wide range of solutions for oil and gas activities in the North Sea and the Middle East. Therefore, we can confidently say that we are leaders in specifying, selecting components and instruments, as well as documenting hydraulic systems.


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Additions to the Hydraulic Control

In addition to the customized hydraulic control systems, we also offer other services and systems that can make the process even more efficient and accessible, including hydraulic power packs and portable wellhead systems.

Hydraulic Power Pack (HPU)

With hydraulic power packs, also known as HPU units, we can design and build them both as a stand-alone unit and in combination with your wellhead control panel (WHCP).

The hydraulic power packs (HPU) are well suited as a supply for your hydraulic control panels and thereby also the valves that are primarily used in the oil and gas industry.


Portable wellhead control for well overhaul

For servicing wellheads on oil and gas extraction platforms, we have developed a portable wellhead panel for hydraulic control of well valves during well overhaul. The system is well-known and extensively used in the Danish oil and gas industry both in the North Sea and the Middle East.

You can choose to rent the portable wellhead panel from us, which makes good sense, as an overhaul is often a shorter, temporary process.

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Let us take care of your hydraulic control 

The creation of the hydraulic control systems is carried out through strong collaboration between our design team, project teams, and workshop. This ensures a hydraulic control system that is best-in-class and thoroughly tested on all parameters. 

With us, you also have the backing of a large and experienced house, where all aspects are covered — ranging from quality assurance and safety to documentation and certification.

Specialist advice is the most important factor in all elements

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