Water treatment systems with
environmental and personal safety in mind

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Water treatment systems with environmental and personal safety in mind.


When working with water in systems, it is crucial that the water does not turn green or otherwise fill up with bio- and microorganisms. This requires chemicals (often in the form of chlorine) to maintain the water environment for cooling systems, for instance.


At HYTOR, we carry out water treatment responsibly – even when the treatment originates from chemical injection.

Here, we apply our extensive knowledge and skills from the old gas production days to something that is greener and more responsible.

Our water treatment systems include, among others: 

  • Chlorine systems
  • Lye systems
  • Biocide systems
  • PTFE welding
  • Welding of plastic pipes and double pipe welding
  • PP welding

Everything is done in the most responsible way possible

Tight and responsible water treatment systems

Our strength lies in designing and constructing systems that are environmentally responsible with the least possible impact on the environment. Systems that meet the requirements you have.

With our piping systems, the system is integrated so that if a component leaks, the spill is captured and encapsulated, preventing it from affecting the environment or the working atmosphere. We also monitor all parts and weld the piping system to ensure it is sealed on all parameters.

This helps to ensure that no unnecessary chemicals escape. Everything remains within the water treatment system.

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Responsible water treatment for the benefit of the environment and the workplace

When we develop water treatment systems, the focal point is naturally responsibility towards the environment. Equally important is ensuring a safe and good working environment for the operator who must operate the water treatment system and ensure that chemicals are handled safely without risk to the operator.

Environmental and personal safety are therefore the most important factors for us. We are your guarantee that everything takes place within safe and responsible frameworks.

Water treatment for different industries

We provide equipment and deliver water treatment systems to several different industries. Water treatment systems are commonly used by those with substantial cooling requirements. This could be you, if you use Brine chillers for freeze houses, or in data centres where servers need to be kept cold.

Water treatment is also relevant for energy production with wood chip boilers, biogas boilers, and Waste to Energy boilers for, e.g., district heating production.


At HYTOR, you get:


  • Water treatment systems that meet all standards and requirements within the industry. 
  • A 360-degree solution including consultancy, development, delivery, and not least service.
  • Options for PTFE welding, welding of plastic pipes, double pipe welding, and PP welding.
  • Specialists with in-depth knowledge of water treatment systems and chlorine systems.


Water teatment with a 360-degree solution 

When choosing the right water treatment system, many factors come into play:

  • Does it fit into your processes and current systems?
  • How do you ensure that the chemicals do not extend beyond the system itself?
  • And how is it made safe and responsible for both the environment and the operator?

We consider all these factors in selecting the most optimal system for you.

That's why guidance and service are significant aspects of what we offer.


Our competencies are wide-ranging 

You can get help with:

  • Automation
  • Engineering
  • Design solutions
  • Project Management
  • Construction and Testing
  • CE Marking and Documentation (ATEX, PED, Risk Assessment, Machine Safety)
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With immense knowledge in chemical injection and a myriad of competencies in water treatment, HYTOR is a collaboration partner with the right know-how. That means we can advise you towards the best possible solution – even if it implies developing or building something new.






Should we be in charge of your water treatment?

Let us contact you


Should we handle your water treatment?

At HYTOR, we ensure to find the water treatment equipment you need. Our primary concern is that the water treatment is conducted responsibly in relation to both the environment and the working environment.

With an extensive documentation package, quality assurance, safety, and relevant certifications, you are guaranteed a thoroughly tested water treatment system that meets both your needs and industry standards.

Feel free to reach out to one of our specialists to discover how your water treatment system should function.

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