High quality equipment
for critical and demanding environments


Responsible solutions from extraction to maintenance

Quality equipment for critical and demanding environments 


The oil and gas industry operates in challenging environments, where strict safety and environmental regulations must be met.


Achieving this requires highly specialized knowledge, equipment, and systems to extract energy from beneath the earth's surface.

Oil and gas is part of the solution towards green sustainable energy

Oil, gas, and the offshore industry represent our history and the foundation of HYTOR. We began as a service company but quickly started developing solutions within the oil and gas sector.

With our commitment to developing high-quality equipment for oil extraction, we've provided effective and safe solutions and systems that have met all standards and norms for over four decades.

Our core business today is developing integrated systems for primarely green energy production, but we believe that oil and gas is part of the solutions torwards a world driven by green sustainable energy.


Our scope is extensive

Our products and solutions for the gas industry cover a wide range such as: 




Specialized in offshore equipment

Our foundation in the oil and gas industry for more than four decades provides us with the expertise needed to deliver demanding solutions where quality is paramount.

We specialize in solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our offerings include hydraulic controls, dosing systems, special valves, instrumentation, pumps, and much more.

We began our journey in the oil and gas industry in 1981 as a service company with a focus on the industry's challenges, including high pressure, high temperatures, and industry-specific products. Over time, we evolved to integrate our knowledge of these properties into comprehensive solutions.

This means that we are now not just a service company but also a developer and provider of robust technical solutions that require extensive documentation.

Today, we supply the equipment and technology necessary to handle, transport, and process oil and gas resources both efficiently and safely.

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From extraction to maintenance

In the extraction and production of oil and gas, we can supply specialized instrumentation (including exotic materials), control systems, pressure testing systems, monitoring, dosing systems, and much more.

The possibilities are numerous, and we challenge your solution to find the components or the equipment that best matches your specific task. 

Once your system is installed, we can, of course, also handle the maintenance and servicing of your system thereafter.

Consider us as your consulting and service partner in oil and gas.


Quality equipment for critical environments 

Our products and services are also available for maintenance and emergency rescues, such as providing systems for nitrogen generation, which is crucial for both fire safety and as a part of the production process in the oil and gas industry.

We are focused on supplying our customers with high-quality, reliable equipment that can withstand the often harsh and demanding environments found in the offshore industry – with a strong focus on safety and efficiency.

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Consider us as your consulting and service partner in oil and gas.
Thomas Gliese, Division Manager




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A comprehensive documentation package in oil and gas

Given that the oil and gas industry operates in such a demanding environment with strict regulations and requirements for the environment and safety, it is crucial to have control over documentation and quality assurance.

At HYTOR, you get strong support along with an extensive documentation package. This means that you receive everything from quality assurance and safety to relevant certifications and documentation on the entire process. 


In short: You are in safe hands with us.




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Oli and gas training sessions

We take pride in creating the best conditions for you as our customer, while also finding the solution or equipment that best suits your setup on the drilling platform.

As part of our service to the oil and gas industry, you also have the opportunity to receive training in the servicing of hydraulic tools and pumps. We do this to ensure that the solutions and components we sell are used correctly and that the full potential of both the systems and components is utilized as effectively as possible. This equips you for the demanding task of extracting oil.

We are not just providing a product; we are offering the complete package that enables you to work with the assurance that you have both the best equipment and the knowledge to use it to its full capability.

 With our training courses, you gain the competence to maintain high performance and safety standards, essential for the challenging environments of the oil and gas industry.


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With HYTOR, you get a wide range of equipment and advice - both within the oil and gas industry and in the green energy sector.

To learn more about the possibilities we can offer you in these industries and how our expertise could benefit your operations, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We are more than happy to discuss your needs and how we can help you make the most of your equipment and our services. 

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