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A game changer for the energy industry


The green transition in the energy sector concerns us all, with green energy being one of the key concepts to suceed.


At HYTOR, we take pride in facilitating energy projects that contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient way of powering our world. By investing in green energy, we pave the way for a brighter future for ourselves today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Integrated systems for green energy 


The decision to adopt a greener approach to production is one thing, yet the practical transformation is another entirely, requiring effort and knowledge from the relevant parties.

This is where our expertise relies — with innovative technology and integrated solutions, we can assist the energy industry in moving closer to a greener future.

Forms of green energy we work with


Hydrogen serves as an energy carrier and can generate electricity or heat through chemical or physical processes. Hydrogen is advantageous because its energy usage does not produce emissions.


Wind energy is a pollution-free form of power generated solely through the force of the wind by wind turbines.


An innovative and eco-friendly method of generating electricity. This process converts chemical energy from a fuel source into electrical energy through a chemical reaction that typically involves hydrogen and oxygen.


Bioenergy is energy produced by the combustion of organic waste or biomass, such as residual wood and straw.


Surplus electricity from wind and solar energy can be utilized by converting it into CO2-neutral ammonia, which can replace fossil fuels lderrived from for example coal, oil, and gas.


E-Methanol is produced using electricity from renewable energy plants and can be used as fuel.

Safty first

There are predominantly positive aspects to highlight about green energy.

We acknowledge the risks associated with handling explosive and corrosive gases under high pressures and temperatures — conditions that are inevitable if we wish to drive innovation forward.

Consequently, we take all necessary precautions, ensuring that our technological solutions are developed, designed, and implemented with a focused attention to safety.

To stay updated on the latest safety practices, we have joined the PTX Safety Network Denmark. This enables us to engage in meaningful dialogue with colleagues and partners in the industry about safety, new initiatives, and collective growth.

As a responsible frontrunner in green energy, we view it as both our duty and an honor to aid in the advancement of Denmark's new energy industry in a safe, responsible, and sensible manner..

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Be a part of the green transition

The implementation of greener energy solutions is imperative in addressing global climate change and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Fortunately, green energy in Denmark remains a permanent item on many agendas, and at HYTOR, we utilize our expertise in the field to assist our customers in their development process towards a green solution.

Different industries have different needs and ways of doing things. Therefore, our system solutions are always customized to ensure optimal production at each customer's site and designed to promote the green transition through technology and digitalization specifically for them. 

Elements produced from green energy sources are powerful and hold significant potential to revolutionize the way we think about energy across a wide range of applications.


Our Competencies

At HYTOR, our expertise covers a wide range, as we develop and negotiate an array of different systems within green energy.

A commonality among them is that high pressure and high temperatures are key factors, along with gases and fluids. These are elements we have been working with since HYTOR was established in the early '80s, and they remain a crucial cornerstone in what we do.

This means that our knowledge of the systems is exceptionally deep. 

Our competencies also extend broadly to:
  • Automation
  • Engineering
  • Design solutions
  • Project management
  • Construction & Testing
  • CE Marking
  • Documentation (ATEX, PED, risk assessment, machine safety)
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With a wealth of experience, proactive project management, and engineering skills within the energy and process industries, we can provide high-quality, integrable system solutions customized to the specific needs of individual customers throughout Europe, which, of course, guarantee optimal and safe production.




We are with you every step of the way on your green energy journey


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