Our compentencies

is wide ranging


We cover a wide range of solutions within the energy sector.

We are committed to being the value-adding partner for integratable system solutions, specialized tool solutions, and generators tailored to the energy sector.

We are dedicated to responsibly contributing to greener energy production through our solutions.

Did you know that we are :
  • Specialize in handling high pressure and high temperature environments.
  • Design and fabricate bespoke integratable system solutions, prototypes, and semi-finished products across electrical, mechanical, and chemical domains.
  • Bring decades of experience in providing system solutions for critical environments. 
  • Employ a specialist team of engineers and technicians who guide towards the optimal solution, prioritizing operational efficiency and safety.
  • Excel in heavy-duty specialized tools and tool solutions, particularly in torque tightening and lifting applications.
  • Maintain a large fleet of generators for temporary and emergency power needs. Offer the market's most advanced, user-friendly, and powerful emergency release equipment.


...and we ensure that our solutions deliver value to you.

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