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Analysis systems for your energy medium


Production mediums from energy production needs to be analyzed, whether it comes from fossil production, or it is produced in a environmentally friendly manner.


Analysis can cover a wide range of energy mediums such as: hydrogen, natural gas, biogas, syngas, E-Methanol, and acetone.

It's crucial that the buyer knows what their purity is, hence it needs to be measured and analyzed before being transported or used.

One of the purposes of analysis is to ensure that the correct composition has been achieved without improper and potentially harmful elements that could impair purity.

With decades of experience we develop smart solutions and systems that draw on our knowledge within reading and measuring.

Our knowledge of analysis systems includes, among others:

  • System integration with technology giants (e.g., ABB, SIEMENS)
  • Hydrogen analysis
  • Chromatography 
  • Particle measurements 
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Documentation of the above 

Meet the purity standards through hydrogen analysis

The requirements for what the mediums in the individual processes contain are increasing. For environmental reasons, there is continuous regulations on the area.

It is the combination of these regulations and the growing desire to know what the process consists of that highlights the importance of correct system analysis.

Hydrogen and og Power- to-X

It is especially important to have the right knowledge about the requirements within Power-to-X if you work with hydrogen. Here, the hydrogen must have an ISO specified purity that is close to 100 percent.

If it is not, or if it is not pure enough, it can be problematic to sell the gas, and in the worst case, you may be forced to destroy the gas and thus lose your production with financial consequences as a result.

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Experts in gas analysis

We are experts in identifying the exact correct sensor for measuring substances such as H2, H2S, O2, MeOH, CH4, etc.

With a wealth of knowledge in the sensor field and decades of experience in constructing analysis systems, we are your perfect partner when you need a precise solution for your process medium. 

We match instrumentations and monitoring with pressure and flow in combination with your needed analysis frequency. In this process, we naturally take into account factors like location, whether ventilation is required, or if it's an ATEX zone that requires enclosure.

Included in all of our analysis panels, you will naturally find data monitoring and wireless communication, enabling you to easily oversee your media and gases.

Put gas analysis on the agenda with us?

Do your media and gases need to be analyzed so they can be properly and safely sold? 

We can handle every part of the analysis process - from sourcing the exact correct analysis components so we can create the right analysis system for measuring and thoroughly examining the medium.

We have a team of experienced specialists in fluid analysis who are ready to guide you further in the process. This applies whether it's about hydrogen analysis or chromatography.


Get the full package with:

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A precise overview of the media in individual processes and an analysis thereof.

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Sparring from experts who have been working with and analyzing gases for decades.

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Quality assurance

Robust backing with a focus on quality assurance, certification, and documentation.

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The optimal solution

An overview of the systems available on the market and the most optimal solution for you.

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We advise to correct choice of analysis component and engineer your analysis. We ensure that the medium are thoroughly measured and analyzed so that, for example, your hydrogen meets all purity standards.

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