Avoid operational issues
with efficient flushing service

Flushing service and expert guidance within flushing


Cleaning of pipes within for example district heating or in chemical systems is crucial for removing gas, chemicals, or particles and making the operation run as optimally as possible.


Here, flushing is a crucial factor. With our flushing service, we can both provide flushing equipment and carry out the actual flushing process using a pump that moves the liquid and measures the cleanliness afterward. This requires the right experience and knowledge of flushing.

Our experts exactly know how fast the liquid speed should be to achieve the most optimal flushing of your pipes.

We can assist you with:

  • Flushing service covering all aspects
  • On-site flushing at your location
  • Flushing with, among others, chlorine
  • Expert knowledge and guidance on flushing

Our flushing service can:

  • Improve the reliability and lifespan of equipment
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and operational stops
  • Establish more effective maintenance procedures

In addition to the service, we can also provide the actual equipment for flushing and customize a flushing system or equipment tailored to your needs. Read more about our flushing systems

Read more about our flushing systems

Flushing equipment

Avoid operational problems with efficient flushing service

A significant portion of all operational issues, for example in hydraulic systems, is due to impurities in the oil. In other types of installations, where pipes and hoses may be clogged with unwanted chemicals and particles, flushing service can also be crucial for trouble-free operation. 

We understand that operational reliability is one of the most important factors for you. With our flushing service, you can avoid downtime, errors, and breakdowns in your facility or, for example, your district heating pipes. Flushing the pipes ensures the cleanliness that the components require for safe operation going forward, and at the same time helps to ensure the technical performance and extend the lifespan of the various components in, for example, your remote installation, the hydraulic system, or wherever your pipes are located.

This is also true for the establishment of new process pipes, where welding slag and foreign bodies can reside in the pipe and disrupt operations. Therefore, flushing service is necessary both before the process starts with new pipes and with older pipes where particles or chemicals may have accumulated over time.


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On-site flushing at your location

We make it easy for you. Therefore, we offer on-site flushing and perform the flushing service directly at your location and your piping systems. This provides you with flexibility and saves you time.

We take care of all the necessary equipment, and our skilled flushing specialists come to you with extensive knowledge about both flushing systems and filtration technologies.

Flushing service with a complete documentation package

With a reputable organization backing you, you are ensured a service from a strong team of experienced flushing experts as well as a complete documentation package, quality assurance, and not least, the highest level of safety.

 At HYTOR, we have decades of experience with flushing, especially within the district heating industry, so you can feel safe in our hands.

All you need to do is get in touch with one of our specialists.

We will then ensure to find the solution that best matches your needs.

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