We contribute responsibly to the
green transition in the energy sector

Experts in critical environments in the energy sector

Standing at the forefront of innovation, we develop solutions that contribute to the green transition within the energy sector. With more than four decades of experience, we have been delivering integrable solutions for critical environments and specialized tool and generator solutions for demanding tasks.


Our profound experience in demanding industries plays a crusial role in understanding the challenges faced by our clients in the energy sector. Armed with this insight and our towering knowledge across various industries and forms of energy, our vision is to partner with you in contributing to the green transition.


Your advisory and service partner in the energy sector

Over the years, we have transitioned from being a supplier to becoming a valuable solution and service partner for the energy industry, with green energy forms now constituting the majority of our business.

Our most important goal is to create value for our clients' businesses. We achieve this through our specialist advisory services, and we're not afraid to challenge existing solutions if it means delivering a better and more efficient outcomes for you.

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All in-one-house


We are one large house that encompasses various aspects of the many branches of the energy sector.

Our solutions cover both concrete products, consulting, and service.

As an example we engineere an add on solution to an existing tool making it more effecient, ergonomic or safe. We have comprehensive knowledge about whats is available in the market and are able to compine existing solutions with clever add ons, adjustments or more comprehensive engineering to the benefit of our customers.

We are precise, detail-oriented, and analytical, ensuring that every single possibility is considered. In this way, we together find the solution that matches your needs - and industry, Whether you need advice, systems, or tools within wind energy, green energy, utility, or something else entirely.

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With our vast experience within different industries in the energy sector, we can effectively assist you further. This applies to both customized solutions, products, consultation, and safety.

Hytor Niels G. Langerhuus
Niels G. Langerhuus

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Hytor Anne Mette Lorenzen
Anne Mette Lorenzen
Executive Business Development & Marketing Manager

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Hytor Per Østergaard
Per Østergaard
Sales Manager - Tools

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Hytor Lene Rahbek Percival
Lene Rahbek Percival
Supply Chain Manager

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Hytor Lone Hedegaard Jensen
Lone Hedegaard Jensen
HSEQ Manager

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