International generator service
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Generator service is your assurance for production stability 


If you prioritize continuous generator maintenance, you can save unnecessary time and money, and ensure that your production and supply security continues unhindered.


A generator acts as a reliable safety valve that comes into play in case of power failure or where there is no access to the power grid. However, to ensure optimal performance and reliability, it is essential to maintain regular generator service and review. 

At HYTOR, we perform professional generator service on all brands, sizes, and models.

We perform generator services:

  • At short notice
  • For all brands, sizes, and types
  • By professionally trained specialists with a mechanical background
  • With access to a digital overview through our Tool Management System

Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge about generators, which our mechanics and specialists always bring with them. Whether it's at your location or at our own premises.

We cover the entire country, and you can also get a service agreement with us for your generator, so you don't have to worry.

Generator service tailored to you

Our dedicated team of trained mechanics and specialists is ready to service all types of generators and emergency power systems.

 Whether you prefer the service to be carried out at our modern workshop in Esbjerg or at your location, we guarantee professional handling of both electrical and combustion engines at every service visit.

With our experience in service and problem-solving, we are equipped to tackle any challenge and ensure that your equipment maintains optimal operational reliability. For operational reliability is key- both in terms of organization planning, delivery reliability, time, and money.

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We offer flexible solutions

We perform generator services:

  • On-site at your location, whenever it suits you best 
  • At our own workshop

We understand that time and efficiency are vital to your business. Therefore, we offer flexible solutions by performing generator services either at our workshop or directly at your place. This not only saves you time and money but also eliminates equipment unavailability over an extended period, sparing you unnecessary transportation.

Regardless of the location choice, our specialists ensure that both electrical and combustion engines receive the necessary attention, resulting in a more cost-effective and satisfactory service experience.

Many of our customers greatly benefit from our tailored, individual service agreements because they receive meticulous and professional generator maintenance carried out by our professional specialists.

Documentation and service report for your generator service

At HYTOR, we always offer thorough service. This naturally also includes updating our Tool Management System after each generator inspection, which can give you a comprehensive overview of your generator service and, for example, if you have tools and equipment calibrated at HYTOR.

The Tool Management System is straightforward and transparent. Here you can see service intervals, updates, maintenance plans, part replacements, and much more, to keep you updated at all times.

Furthermore, you gain full insight into the generator's status, last service, and time until the next service. 

You can access it both via desktop and smartphone, depending on your preference. If you have not yet gained access to the platform, you can always contact your salesperson.

You can read much more about our Tool Management System right here.

Tool management system


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Engagement makes the difference in your generator service 

With our experience in the industry and team of skilled technicians, specialists, and consultants, we encompass your business widely and always with your needs in mind. Our generator service is no exception.

We always manage to see the issue from your perspective and can navigate from there with our competencies, which will benefit you as a customer.

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