Sustainable future
through innovative technology

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Mastering power, lifting, torque and tensioning without any constrains

Sustainable future through innovative technology


Wind energy is establishing itself as one of the most potent forms of renewable energy. Theoretically, the abundance of wind could be so vast that it could solely fulfil global energy needs. That is why wind energy holds such vital importance – both now and in the future.


At HYTOR, we are propelled by a vision of shaping a more sustainable future through innovative technologies. Wind energy stands at the heart of this vision, and we pride ourselves on being an industry frontrunner.

Customized wind energy solutions

With our expertise and experience specifically within Danish wind energy and the wind turbine industry, we ensure that we can provide you with solutions that are:

  • Cutting-edge in technological and digital advancement.
  • Contributory to enhancing efficiency and profitability in wind energy projects.
  • Compliant with the strict standards existing within the wind industry.

Expertise that makes a difference in the wind industry

In the wind industry, extraordinarily high demands are placed on everything from precision, durability, and documentation to user-friendliness and, most importantly, safety. As dedicated suppliers to the wind turbine industry, we understand these stringent requirements and know that our solutions must be capable of operating under extreme conditions, often where space is limited.

We are the preferred supplier for some of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers and have a long history of providing solutions for wind turbine producers like Siemens and Vestas, along with a wide array of service companies in the wind turbine industry.

This requires an expectation of significant expertise and knowledge, which we have proven to be able to guarantee through several decades.

Our team of experienced engineers and technical experts continually works to develop and deliver solutions that are not only efficient, precise, and ergonomic but are also economically and environmentally responsible.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Full circle support

We are involved in every step of the process – from developing new clamping solutions for the very latest turbines to clamp applications for existing and older wind turbines, in the production of wind turbines, as well as temporary generator solutions for the installation phase and beyond.

Our competencies thus span deliveries to both onshore and offshore projects, with generator solutions for shipping from pre-assembly sites for wind turbine installation, and special ergonomic and safe clamping tools for sites and productions.

This includes both electric and hydraulic tools – naturally, with comprehensive documentation functionality as an option.

Discover our tool solutions for wind energy.


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We combine decades of experience and know-how within specialized tools guiding you safely to precise and fast torque and tensioning solution




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Customized wind energy project solutions

We can assist in all stages of your wind project, participating in everything from development and production to installation and service.

We act as the link between the departments in your company, ensuring that everything is thoroughly followed through.

You will receive exclusively customized solutions, where both consulting and engineering expertise are always part of the package.

In this way, you can maximize the efficiency and sustainability of your wind energy projects.


We are:

  • Strong in hydraulic and electrical tensioning tools, tool containers, and generators.
  • Experts in tensioning solutions – both standard and custom tasks.
  • Skilled in service and maintenance of tools and generators with full online documentation. On-site and in-house.
  • A large company with decades of experience in traceability, quality assurance, documentation, and certification.



An assisting hand for the setup and production of wind turbines

The production and installation of wind turbines require specialized tools for tensioning of bolts.

Every single assembly and bolt plays a critical role in determining how the wind turbine performs and its long-term durability.

Therefore, it is crucial that the bolts are tightened correctly – whether it occurs electrically or hydraulically. We excel in both areas.

Our main task is to serve as your helping hand through providing high-quality torque tensioning and generator solutions for the wind industry. 

This applies to wind turbine production, wind turbine construction, and installation of wind turbines. No matter where you are in the process, we have the tools and generators to ensure that you navigate through your wind project safely and efficiently.

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We are committed

In a world where sustainability and innovation are paramount to shaping the future, we stand as your reliable partner in achieving a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Our  solutions in torque tensioning and generator technologies for wind energy showcase our dedication to pioneering a sustainable wind sector.

Committed to making continuous improvements toward full sustainable renewable energy. We commit ourselves to assist you in the process and our specialists within torque, tensioning and temporary power are on the mark  to guide you safely through your project - willing and capable to walk that extra mile that ensures you sucess with your wind project.



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