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Course in servicing hydraulic tools and pumps 


If you service your hydraulic torque wrenches and pumps yourself, there are a number of vital aspects of the service process you need to pay attention to.


Dismantling, proper cleaning, lubrication with grease, reassembly, and testing are all crucial areas that significantly impact the functionality and lifespan of your hydraulic torque tools, hydraulic pumps, and accessories.

While we are of course more than willing to perform the service for you, if you're unable to send your equipment to us for service, or if you're in a location where it's advantageous to perform the service with your own personnel, we offer courses that train technicians in the proper service of hydraulic torque tools and pumps.

Training in service of hydraulic tools and pumps 

How do you ensure the maintenance, servicing, and repair of your hydraulic tools and pumps to keep operations uninterrupted?

Our courses cover all the relevant parts of servicing and provide you with the knowledge required for the correct servicing of both hydraulic pumps and tools, enabling you and your team to handle future servicing independently.

The course includes modules on the following topics:

  • Proper disassembly 
  • Proper cleaning
  • Proper lubrication
  • Proper assembly
  • Testing and troubleshooting


Learn about hydraulic tool service from our specialists

With decades of experience in the field of hydraulics, we at HYTOR boast a strong team of experienced and competent specialists who are responsible for teaching our courses. These specialists, with their deep knowledge, speak with authority on topics such as hydraulics, service, and tools for demanding industries.

Everything we do is based on correct documentation, quality assurance, certifications, and above all, safety. These factors are also of great importance when it comes to the service of hydraulic tools and pumps, making them a natural part of the course content.

Additionally, the course can be held in both Danish and English.


Join one of our upcoming courses

We train you or your colleagues in correct servicing of hydraulic torque tools and pumps in our modern facilities in Esbjerg.

The course offers a theoretical overview followed by practical training in our specially designed course rooms.

The combination of theory and practice makes it possible to become completely familiar with the servicing of hydraulic tools and pumps.


Should your team participate in one of our upcoming courses?

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