Get educated in bolt tensioning

Custom courses in bolt tensioning 

How do you know if a bolt is under-tensioned or over-tensioned?
How is the correct torque determined?
Does friction and choice of lubricant matter?

The torque and degree of tightening of bolts have significant consequences for the overall construction and performance. In addition to providing the right hydraulic and electrical equipment for bolt tightening, we also offer courses in proper torque tightening.

In these courses, you learn everything worth knowing to properly tighten bolts according to specified torque values.

Correct Bolt Tightening

With decades of experience within the field of bolt and torque tightening, we share our wisdom through:

  • Tailored courses in bolt tensioning
  • Education in bolt tensioning
  • Theoretical and practical experience in torque tensioning 

Receive education in bolt tensioning

We train customers and partners in correct torque tightening because we understand the significant consequences of bolts being under-tightened or over-tightened. When bolts need to be tightened to a specific torque, knowledge of the various factors that must be in place is essential.

A bolt that is not tightened correctly to the specified torque can lead to grave outcomes. Torque tightening remains consistent whether it applies to hydraulic torque tightening or using electric/battery-powered nut runners.

However, there are some precautions and principles that must be observed and understood. All of this knowledge and more is provided in our course.

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About the course

The course is a combination of theory and hands-on training. It ensures that participants understand the mechanisms behind torque tensioning and the importance of taking necessary precautions, while also providing practical training on torque tensioning procedures. 

The course can be conducted in both Danish and English.

Course content - Education in bolt tensioning

Our torque tensioning courses comprise several modules, covering the most crucial aspects of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

During the training on correct torque tensioning, among other things, we teach:

  • Using torque wrenches and tensioners/stress methods. understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.
  • Basic theory of torque tensioning
  • General knowledge about bolts, threads, and their quality
  • Implications of bolt stress and its consequences
  • Measuring preload techniques
  • Theory and overview of the tightening process and determining the correct torque
  • Importance of friction and how to manage it
  • Choosing the correct lubricant for a specific torque tightening task
  • Practical training in torque tightening



By completing all modules, you will acquire all necessary information regarding correct torque tightening and ensure that the bolt tightening equipment is handled in the best possible manner.



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In addition to being able to supply the right hydraulic and electric equipment for bolt tensioning, we also offer courses in correct torque tensioning.



Course Calendar 

Dates for the next course on correct torque tensioning: 

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f there is not a date that suits you and your team, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to customize a course that fits your schedule and the team that needs to be trained. 

With a customer-specific course in bolt tensioning, you achieve precisely the knowledge that matches your processes, your situation, crew, and equipment.

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