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By removing aerosols, particles, or moisture from the air stream, the right filtration can significantly reduce operating costs while ensuring that the strict standards and requirements for air purity are met. The right filtration equipment can also help extend the lifespan of your air systems and pneumatic equipment.


At HYTOR, we have the expertise to meet all standards with advanced filtration equipment and systems tailored to your specific process and project.

We develop and supply filtration equipment for various purposes, including:

  • Hydraulic filtration system
  • Gas filtration system
  • Gas drying
  • Gas treatment
  • Hydrogen/brint Dehumidification
  • Chemical filtration.

 All our products and services within filtration come with a comprehensive documentation package, ensuring quality assurance, certification, and safety are all properly addressed.


Filtration equipment that meets ISO-28521 standards

When it comes to filtration, it is crucial that it meets certain specific standards that describe the permissible particle content in the fluids you are filtering. At HYTOR, we can determine the correct degree of filtration and accurately measure and document it.

We are fully versed in the relevant ISO-28521 standard, which you need to comply with. This standard is especially applicable to hydraulic oil systems and serves as a guideline for degrees of cleanliness and flushing.

ISO-28521 sets the requirements for what the particle content may be in media and internal pipe units when you filter it. Therefore, it is the guideline for filtration technology, and the one we adhere to. We develop our filtration system and our filtration equipment to meet the ISO standard and fulfill its requirements exactly.


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Filtration equipment tailored to your needs

When we develop and build your filtration equipment, we can make it as simple or advanced as you need. During filtration, you typically measure the differential pressure because when you move a medium through resistance, the pressure increases across it. In such cases, there are numerous decisions to be made. Decisions that can vary significantly from customer to customer.

Or perhaps you would like feedback or an alarm that provides important information. You decide how it should function and which parameters you would like as part of your filtration equipment.

It is all these types of technology around filtration and the development of filtration systems that we can assist you with. We know how the filtration system should be constructed, and we do it entirely according to your needs.


Specialists in gas, chemical, and hydraulic filtration

At HYTOR, our strength lies in everything related to hydraulics, high pressure, and high temperatures. With the development of advanced systems within just that field, we have decades of experience with a wide range of filtration equipment – from chemical filtration to gas filtration.

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With a strong and experienced team of specialists, we can find and advise on everything from chemical filtration and hydraulic filtration systems to gas drying and gas treatment.



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