We responsibly contribute to the

 green transition in the energy sector

Our vision, mission, and values 


Responsibility is fundamental to our philosophy.


Each day, we operate with a sense of responsibility towards one another, our environment, and our stakeholders. Our values are not only foundational but also well-integrated into our operations


There is a clear alignment between what we say and what we do. Our distinct vision for the operation of HYTOR is to create value for each other, our community, and our stakeholders.

Our corporate ship navigates safely through the compass of our values, and our finest task is to generate value for our clients' businesses and for our employees.

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Responsibility towards each other, our world, and our stakeholders
Niels G. Langerhuus, CEO



We responsibly contribute to the green transition in the energy sector to ensure a sustainable and modern energy future for everyone.


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Our mission is to serve as a value-creating partner in the green transition of the energy sector by delivering integrable system solutions specializing in high pressure and high temperatures, specialized tools, and high-quality generator solutions.

Our dedication to quality assurance and technological innovation ensures that we not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. We are at the forefront of technological and digital advancements, contributing to enhanced efficiency that ensures optimal resource utilization and promotes the green transformation.


Our values

We create value and commit ourselves 

We generate growth and greater value for our clients, colleagues, and shareholders by ensuring high quality, continual optimization, and efficient end-to-end processes.

We are a team 

We collaborate, take shared responsibility, and set standards for both ourselves and others. We exercise integrity, honesty, and respect. We act with high integrity and demonstrate honesty and respect.

We are proactive and innovative 

We are innovative and prepare for the future in terms of our clients, the company, and colleagues.



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