The power is in the detail

and so is the solution

Upgrading installations with existing components


Adapting special applications to new requirements and functionalities can be costly and time-consuming. However, our engineering team has recently achieved this feat without the need for extensive rebuilding or replacement of existing components.


We did this by focusing on the details and making smart modifications to existing high-pressure valves.

Enhancing the valve's insulation properties was achieved by developing a small, smart change, without cumbersome modifications. This was accomplished while keeping costs low.

 The task was to modify an installation without having to undergo a complete redesign. Space and budget constraints made it impractical to replace existing valves, necessitating a creative engineering solution.

By paying attention to detail, our engineers identified a small, yet ingenious change that expanded the insulation capacity of the already installed high-pressure valves. This approach allowed us to avoid costly rebuilds while adapting the application to new process functionalities. By reusing existing components, the project achieved significant savings while maintaining operational efficiency.

This solution has minimized disruptions and avoided the lengthy downtimes usually associated with extensive rebuilds.

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The power is in the detail and so is the solution



This case demonstrates the significant role that details can play in upgrading special applications.

By making smart changes to existing components, it is possible to achieve new functionalities without incurring significant costs or system changes.

The success of this project exemplifies how innovative engineering solutions can drive efficiency and adaptability in industrial environments.


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