Our gas filling stations
are primarily created for green energy.

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Filling stations for hydrogen, biogas, and nitrogen – with safety as the top priority 


When you work with green energy and gases that need to be transferred from A to B, it is crucial that you have control over all processes, so everything happens safely. Specifically, liquids and gases – and the handling of these – are our areas of expertise at HYTOR.


We have the expertise required to create the proper conditions for the gas, and we work with filling stations in various formats, including, but not limited to:

  • Hydrogen filling stations
  • Nitrogen filling stations 
  • Biogas filling stations. 

Our filling stations are plug-and-play stations including on-site installation that is easy to maintain. The solutions naturally comply with the prevailing safety and documentation requirements. We have extensive knowledge of gas handling. This gives you the assurance that our solution is reliable, safe and easy to maintain.


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You can confidently trust us with your project

There is a tremendous amount of knowledge, know-how, and technology in the filling process, and at HYTOR, we have this knowledge and is capable to feed this into your project.

With our filling stations, you get

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Construction of high-end equipment.

High-quality technical solutions that can last for many years.

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A tailored documentation package

Control over everything from quality assurance to certification.

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Experts in the green industry.

Power-to-X, biogas plants, and Carbon Capture.

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Safe transport of gases.

Through advanced piping systems and valves.

Experts in gas filling stations.

We deliver filling stations primarily for biogas (a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2)) and hydrogen (H2).

In the process of producing green hydrogen, the gas is compressed immediately after production and possibly a drying step (compression stage). 

Depending on your specific needs or the limitations within the facility, etc., the filling system or transport system must be precisely tailored.

This is where HYTOR's core competencies become crucial. Additions to the system, which are risk assessed - such as analysis, regulation, flow, pressure, and temperature - might be necessary.

HYTOR is capable of integrating any type of system addition into your gas filling station, always with the appropriate level of maintenance and safety in mind.

Read more about energy storage here.

Energy storage

Filling stations with safety as the top priority

When we talk about the transportation of gas and filling stations, it all usually takes place under the correct pressure.

We cannot stress enough how dangerous and risky it can be if it is not performed safely. Precisely for this reason, safety is our highest priority when we enter into gas handling projects.

Everything must be done safely and correctly, and it is important that it is done right the first time. And we are your guarantee that it will be.


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Safe handling of green hydrogen

Our strength lies particularly in the green transition and green hydrogen  produced in electrolysis plants.

We make the process as easy as possible when the green hydrogen needs to be transported from the production site. 

Behind the simple process lies extensive work in measuring and investigating various factors, including:

  • How much hydrogen is being transported? The precise mass density and measurement/feedback on this
  • Whether it has been done and completed at the correct pressure
  • Whether it has been stored sufficiently in relation to the different pressure stages 
  • Whether it has been done in a safe and responsible manner. 

Therefore, a great deal of knowledge and technology is involved in the filling process.

You can therefore safely entrust your project to us.

Make safety the agenda with us

Should the green transition also be on your agenda? And do you want to be guaranteed the highest possible safety and documentation when it comes to hydrogen, biogas, methane gas or similar gases? 

We can provide the exact filling station that matches your requirements and needs, ensuring you have the right knowledge about gas through advanced piping systems, pneumatic valves, instruments, or air-operated actuators.

Our specialists are experts in green energy forms and filling stations – and with our large organization backing you, you are assured everything in terms of safety, quality, certification, and documentation.

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We are experts in how the technology works and what it means to move the gas from one place to another – to a place where the end user can utilize it.




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