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Instrumentation of pressure, temperatures, and flow


To achieve optimal production and efficiency, it's crucial to be able to measure and assess the various processes in your system. This might include measuring a gas moving from point A to B through a compressor, which transports the gas past a point where flow needs to be measured.


It could involve measuring a gas that moves from A to B through a compressor, transferring the gas through a point where its flow must be measured.

The gas might consist of oxygen, CO2, and hydrogen. In this case, you cannot merely determine the gas’s density when it exits on the other end; instead, you need an instrument capable of measuring the specific way the gas is composed.

At HYTOR, we have years of experience with instrumentation and measuring everything from pressure to purity – and virtually anything you can measure with an instrument.

There are many options


Our range of instruments is extensive and includes the measurement of:

  • Temperature
  • Flow 
  • Dew point 
  • Pressure
  • Purity
  • Flash point
  • Molecular weight

Instrumentation can be performed with and through a multitude of different instruments such as:

  • H2 valves
  • Control and regulation valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Regulating valves 
  • Ball and needle valves
  • Pressure and flow transmitters
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Dew point measurement

Specialist knowledge about instrumentation

In most of our tasks, instrumentation is an integral part of the package. A significant part of our daily tasks, therefore, consists of the correct instrumentation of everything from pressure and temperature transmitters to flow transmitters and the instrumentation of control or regulation valves.

Proper instrumentation requires specialist knowledge, which is exactly what we can offer. We take great pride in ensuring that our instrumentation tasks always correspond to the process you are facing. Therefore, no matter what form your instrumentation task takes, we can solve it.

I langt de fleste af vores opgaver ligger instrumentering som en fast del af pakken. En stor del af vores daglige opgaver består derfor af korrekt instrumentering af alt fra tryk- og temperaturtransmittere til flowtransmittere og instrumentering af kontrol- eller styringsventiler.

Korrekt instrumentering kræver specialistviden, hvilket netop er, hvad vi kan tilbyde. Vi gør en stor dyd ud af, at vores instrumenteringsopgaver altid svarer til den proces, som du står overfor. Uanset hvilket format din instrumenteringsopgave har, kan vi derfor løse den.

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Specialized instrumentation

We custom-tailor the instrumentation to your processes and systems, thereby creating specialized instrumentation tasks. An example of a specialized instrumentation task we have already solved is a system where we measure the temperature in a pipe that is pressurized to 1,000 bars.

Here, the challenge lies in doing so without causing damage to the system or harm to individuals. T

he consequences can be fatal if the instruments are not correctly specified for the task.


A complete package of equipment, consultancy, and solution proposals

One of the significant advantages of collaborating with us in terms of instrumentation is that we offer you a comprehensive package of equipment, consultancy, and solution proposals. We are particularly strong in guiding temperature, flow, and pressure measurement, as well as the instrumentation of valves and fittings.

Therefore, with us, you can have the instrumentation task solved through custom-made instrumentation, where we act as consultants and service partners, or you can choose your components from already existing shelf products. In addition to extensive experience and guidance, we indeed have agreements with major manufacturers regarding instrumentation components.

Among these, you will find instrumentation components from well-known brands such as Fitok, Haskel, Butech, Milton Roy, and Armano.

We also only work with the best brands and products in ball valves, needle valves, hydrogen valves, control valves, and many more.

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With us, you get instrumentation with: 

  • A documentation package that guarantees quality assurance, safety, and certification
  • Years of experience in temperature, pressure, flow, and dew point measurement
  • The option for specialized and customized instrumentation that matches your systems
  • Consultation, advice, and service


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Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about either our measuring instruments or instrumentation in general.

Our primary task is to help you find the instrumentation solution that best matches your needs.

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