Hydraulic torque and tensioning
for demanding tasks

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Hydraulic torque and tensioning tool for demanding tasks


Hydraulic torque and tensioning tool for demanding bolting tasks in construction and installation of the wind turbines, the bolts may seem like a minor detail but if the bolts are not tightened correctly, it can have major safety and economic consequences.


Therefore, bolt tightening is an incredibly demanding and important discipline, which places high demand on both the tool and the knowledge about which tool and tightening strategy should be used to achieve the most appropriate output for your torque and tenisioning task.

At HYTOR, we have the tools needed for you to perform demanding torque and tenisioning tasks - regardless of the size, format or type. Our torque and tensioning tool range is wide and can make the difference for the result of your bolt tightening.

Our tools cover a wide range:


  • Hydraulic tensioning tools
  • Tensioning tools
  • Hydraulic pumps (700-2000 Bar)
  • Bolt tensioners
  • Torque wrenches
  • Tensioners
  • Cassette and gear wrenches
  • ...and much more

Sky-high requirements

Hydraulic torque tools are particularly suitable for use during the production and installation phase of wind turbines. We dare to say that for several decades, we have been the preferred supplier of torque and hydraulic tools to the wind turbine industry.

This statement is based on dacades of working daily with leading international manufacturers, and because we have high requrement and expectations to delivering quality, documentation, and traceability. And requrements for these are sky-high in the wind turbine industry.


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As you probably know the most preferred medhod for tightening method for the vast majority of bolt tightening tasks is torque or tensioning (also known as torque tools and tenioning tools), measured in Nm.



Precision is crucial 

Hydraulic torque and tensioning is an effective and precise method for  tightening bolts, and therefore it is typically also the method that we recommend to you who work in the wind industry.


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Quick delivery and a well-stocked warehouse where we always have items on the shelves.

Hytor ISO

A large company with a strong focus on quality assurance, certification, and documentation.

Hytor Hydraulic Tools Composite

Leading products and brands such as Plarad, Atlas Copco, and HI-Force.

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Decades of experience and knowledge encompassing everything from hydraulic tools and bolt tensioning to hydraulic pumps.

The wind industry requires specially designed tensioners

The often very confined space in wind turbine towers have led to brands such as Plarad and Atlas Copco (including what was formerly known as TenTec) to together with HYTOR to develop tensioners specifically for bolt tightening (by stretching) in wind turbine towers.

Over the past two decades, we at HYTOR have played an essential role in this very process.

We are proud to have provided the technical consultation that the wind turbine industry has needed for the optimization of bolt tensioning.

A topic that has been, and still is, extremely important. We can now transfer this experience to your next tensioning application or project, where we can guide and assist you through the entire process.

We are your expert team 

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Are you finding it difficult to locate hydraulic torque or tensioning tools that match your needs?




Custom hydraulic tools tailored to your needs


Are you finding it difficult to locate hydraulic torque or tensioning tools that match your needs? 


We offer you the possibility to acquire specialized hydraulic tools that are customized to match your particular tensioning application. Our exceptional specialists have experience in everything related to hydraulic tools, hydraulic pumps, and torque tools.

We guide you towards the right solution regardless of purpose and type - of course, based on your specifications and budget frames.

With hydraulic torque tools from HYTOR, you are guaranteed torque or tensioning tools.

We cover a wide range when it comes to brands

One brand is not always enough. You should have the opportunity to find precisely the bolt torque or tensioning equipment that meets your requirements.

We have the competencies and experience with a wide range of brands and international manufacturers on the market.

We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the different brands and can guide you safely through, ensuring that you make the right choice.

Therefore, we have multiple options to offer regarding brands. This means that with us, you can find hydraulic tools with torque wrenches and tensioners from strong brands like Plarad, Atlas Copco, and Hi-Force.


All with a focus on precise torque and tensioning, safety, documentation, traceability, and long durability of the torque tool  with an eye for TCO Total Cost Ownership.

The hydraulic torque wrenches from, for example, Plarad are ideal for use in places where space is limited - as there is, for instance, in a wind turbine tower. The design places user-friendliness at the forefront for the tensioners and hydraulic torque wrenches from Plarad. For you, this means low weight, practical usability, safety, good ergonomics, and high serviceability.


In short: the best solution for hydraulic torque and tensioning in the long term





We challenge to ensure right solution

-ensuring that what you end up with is the most optimal for you.  

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