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Tool rental for demanding tasks


If you do not use hydraulic tools every day, or if you need specialized equipment for a one-off task, it might be more beneficial for you to rent or lease your specialty tools and equipment instead of buying them.


 At HYTOR, you have the opportunity to rent equipment and tools. We have an extensive selection of hydraulic and electric torque tools and lifting tools in stock with day-to-day rental. Is your own tool out for service, or do you need increased flexibility for a period? Or maybe you have a torqueing task or lifting task that you do not need to perform very often.

Then we have a large selection of equipment you can rent. Tool rental is typically a solution our customers choose when hydraulic or pneumatic tools or similar equipment are not needed permanently. Perhaps it's also the solution for you?

Large selection of specialty tools for rent 


  • Our specialty tool rental includes, among other things:
  • Rental of hydraulic pumps
  • Rental of electric torque tools for torque tightening
  • Rental of hydraulic torque tools
  • Rental of cylinders, tensioners, and synchronous pumps

We are your guarantee for renting specialty tools that cover a wide range, and which are of course always serviced, calibrated, and ready to use.

We work with a number of the most recognized brands and tools on the market and select them with great care, which also helps to enhance the quality of the equipment.


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Tool rental for, among others, the wind industry

We have decades of experience in supplying tools for the wind industry and the installation of wind turbines, including everything from hydraulic pumps and torque tools to cylinders and tensioners.

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A comprehensive documentation package

With a strong backing from us, you get a comprehensive documentation package that includes all important parameters such as safety, high quality, relevant documentation, and certification.

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Specialists in hydraulics and torque tools

At HYTOR, we have a strong team of experts and specialists in everything to do with hydraulics and pneumatics. Specialists who can guide you in the use and choice of the right specialty tool.

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Short delivery time, day-to-day

We always have a large selection of rental tools in stock, so you can have them at hand in a timely manner.

Rent your specialty tools from us

We know how important it is for you that the tool is well-functioning and available when you need it. It should be reliable and top-quality, so you can be sure it works when the work is to start. Whether it's hydraulic pump rental or hydraulic torque tools.

Therefore, we make sure that the tool is maintained and calibrated after every rental. This is your guarantee that the tool is always in optimal condition. Service and maintenance are therefore a fixed part of the rental agreement, so you are in safe hands.


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The benefits are many

Renting hydraulic or pneumatic tools is both an affordable and swift solution when you need high-quality specialized equipment for demanding tasks. By renting, for example, cylinders, tensioners, and synchronous pumps, you can have the tools right at hand – exactly when you need them, and even at short notice, you can rent the tools.

It's an ideal solution if the specialty tool is only needed once, or if you do not wish to invest in large-scale equipment but need it on short notice. At HYTOR, we take pride in having quality tools available for our customers.

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We have an incredibly large selection of rental tools in stock, which of course can be rented at very short notice. That ensures you a solidly performed piece of work - exactly when you need it.



We provide service and maintenance of your tools

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Rent your specialty tools from us

There are many benefits to renting your specialty tools from us. As a large provider, we ensure a 360-degree solution with tool delivery, service, maintenance, and a comprehensive documentation package, as well as a wide selection of some of the best tools available on the market.

Furthermore, we are experts in hydraulic and electric specialty tools and can therefore guide you to make the right choice when it comes to tools.


We happily challenge the solution, so what you end up with is the most optimal for you.

Speak with one of our specialists to find out how and which tool you should rent from us.

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Per Østergaard
Sales Manager - Tools

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Bo Pedersen
Sales Engineer - Tools

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Bent Madsen
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Mads Berg Bahl
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Karsten Vestergaard Jepsen
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Tonny Toftgaard
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John Holm Pedersen
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