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Ensures quick release in case of emergency

Specialists in rescue equipment


In critical situations, it is crucial for rescue services to have access to reliable and efficient rescue and extrication equipment.


At HYTOR, we have over the years established ourselves as an indispensable partner for the fire service, rescue teams, and emergency aid organizations worldwide.

Whether it involves car accidents, collapses, or other types of accidents, we provide advanced extrication tools that save lives and make a significant and decisive difference in disaster situations.


Wide range of rescue tools

Our extrication equipment is designed to be both extremely powerful and user-friendly. We understand that a rescue operation can lead to many different and difficult situations where every second counts.

Therefore, you can find many different types of tools and accessories among our rescue equipment.

Our range includes, among others:

  • RAM
  • Airbags
  • Cutters
  • Spreaders
  • RIT tools
  • Combination tools

Advanced hydraulic rescue tools

Our range of hydraulic rescue tools is extensive and includes cutting tools, spreaders, and rams, which are designed to handle even the most robust metal structures. These tools are crucial for cutting through twisted car wrecks and bending metal, so that trapped victims can be quickly and safely reached and brought to safety.

Our hydraulic tools are developed with a focus on strength, durability, and reliability, making them an indispensable part of any rescue.


Rescue equipment

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Battery-powered rescue tools for increased mobility

To maximize flexibility during rescue operations, we also offer a series of battery-powered rescue equipment. These tools are easy to transport and extremely maneuverable, essential in situations where hydraulic solutions are not available or appropriate.

This mobility is crucial to ensure a quick and effective response in emergency situations. Our battery-powered tools are very manageable, ensuring that rescue personnel can act quickly and safely without compromising the strength of the rescue tool compared to hydraulic extrication equipment.

Accessories that support the rescue effort

A successful rescue effort often requires more than just cutting and lifting tools. Therefore, we also offer a range of accessories, including generators, lighting equipment, and stabilization materials, which are indispensable at accident sites.

This is especially important in the dark or under challenging weather conditions, where good lighting and stabilization can be critical for the success of the rescue work.

Our accessories are designed to be mobile, robust, and reliable, ensuring that rescue teams can work under the most demanding conditions.

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Every second counts. In a world where every second counts, fast and safe rescue equipment makes a difference.


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Minimize error sources with the right equipment

Our commitment to the emergency sector is deeply rooted in our mission to deliver top-quality equipment and service.

We understand that, in emergency situations, there is no room for error, and therefore our products and services are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions. From carefully selected materials to advanced technology and robust design, we ensure that every piece of equipment we deliver passes the test in critical situations.

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The future of emergency preparedness

At HYTOR, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our products and services. We understand that technology and needs in the emergency sector are continuously evolving, and we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of this development.

Our goal is to continue to be a key partner in emergency response and contribute to shaping future rescue operations.


Education and service for optimal use

We understand the importance of not just supplying equipment, but also ensuring the organizations using our equipment are fully trained in its effective use.

That is why we offer training and support as well as maintenance and equipment repair. This ensures that the emergency services are always prepared and able to handle any em

ergency situation with the highest level of competence and efficiency. Our training is tailor-made to cover a wide range of scenarios and equipment, ensuring that the rescue team is fully prepared to use our equipment in future situations.

Through our education programs and ongoing support, we ensure that not only do the rescue services have the best equipment available, but also the knowledge and expertise required to use it effectively.


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