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Do you have a plant or system located in an ATEX zone? Or perhaps you are setting up a gas plant or need a review of your processing plant?


Then, you require ATEX specialists who can perform a comprehensive survey that provides you with the right information base for the further operation of your facility.

ATEX is a classification system used to identify areas with a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable gases, vapours, or the like


We offer...


At HYTOR, we offer site surveys with our ATEX specialists, who clarify legal requirements and assist with specific solutions and equipment choices, as well as ensuring directives, documentation and general guidance.

We can assist with site surveys in relation to:

  • Retrofitting of processing plants
  • Retrofitting of gas plants
  • Technical review of processing plants


We ensure that your facility complies with ATEX standards

The ATEX are standards for explosive zones. At HYTOR, we use classified equipment for measurements in areas with an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air and combustible substances in the form of gas or vapour, which can occur during operation. The higher the risk of flammable substances, the stricter the safety assessment of the equipment must also be.

We can offer site surveys for most types of ATEX zones. Here, we step in as the advisory party and examine mechanical and electrical installations. We investigate whether they need to be replaced or if a third party needs to approve the equipment or system.

With years of experience, we are experts in ATEX installations and can guide you in the right direction.

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Site survey that addresses your challenges

With a comprehensive site survey, we are able to create the best conditions for your equipment, used materials, and systems. If you have a challenge or, for example, have purchased a piece of equipment abroad that you'd like to be examined according to the ATEX, our site survey can be the first step.

We assist you in reviewing the current equipment which is in the explosive zone. The ATEX site survey is your guarantee against unexpected problems or worries in explosive zones.

An experienced team of ATEX specialists


An experienced team of technicians and a deep insight into components and their assembly mean that we can provide the guidance that is critical for your optimal operating conditions.

With four decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, we have the knowledge and experience to design, construct, and service systems that comply with a wide range of standards, norms, and requirements such as ATEX.

You are therefore in safe hands with us.

Included in the site survey package, you get:


  • Full documentation of the survey
  • An experienced team of specialists
  • Quality assurance on all parameters
  • And not least, safety that meets the current requirements and standards.




Order an ATEX site survey from us 

Whether you need a processing plant retrofitted or new equipment examined and tested, we can offer a thorough ATEX site survey at your location.

We come to you on-site with all the necessary measuring equipment.


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Feel free to talk to one of our specialists to identify the ATEX solution that makes the most sense for you, your facility, and your specifications.




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