Preparation of future projects

Preparation for furture projects

In August 2020, HYTOR Tools Solution entered into a strategic alliance, enabling us to expand our collaboration with CWind from Europe to Taiwan. Several generators have been sent to Taiwan, to be used as temporary power offshore. We are pleased that our reliable and safe generators are being utilized.

CEO, Niels Langerhuus stated, "With this partnership, we are extending our capacity in Taiwan, preparing us for future projects as well." Thus, this strategic alliance is something we look forward to leveraging in the future. We hope that the experience and contacts we have gained from this project can be utilized for future projects.

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We look forward to more projects

We are already present in Taiwan, where we are participating in the "Formosa I" project. Here, we supply generators and calibration of hydraulic tools. Through this project, we gain a lot of experience and even more industry contacts. We look forward to hopefully being involved in even more projects in Taiwan. Specifically, having generators in stock in the country itself allows us to deliver generators with short delivery times. This can be very essential due to COVID-19.

Our generators are specifically designed to operate safely and reliably in harsh environments, which is why our generators are now being used as an energy source offshore in Taiwan. The generators we have in Taiwan are located in Taichung Harbor.


HYTOR and CWind are expanding their collaboration from Europe to Taiwan, leveraging their collective expertise in offshore engineering.

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