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Fully automatic injection of chemicals

Product Innovation - Fully automatic injection of chemicals 

With the fully automatic SMART chemical injection solution, it is possible to achieve extremely high accuracy. In short, we have removed manual dosing control and automated it using PLC control, which manages the dosing based on the recipe in a given production. In other words, the dosing is controlled based on input signals, which could be flow or mass.

Product Innovation - Fully Automatic Injection of Chemicals With the fully automatic SMART chemical injection solution, one can achieve extremely high accuracy. We have, put simply, removed the manual dosing management and automated it with PLC control that determines the dosing based on the recipe for a given production.

To put it in another way, the dosing is managed according to input signals that could be flow or mass.

The SMART injection system is customized to the individual needs of the customer, and we design a solution that fits into the production line the customer has. The technology behind the individual systems is the same.


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The need to document precise chemical injection is solved by the system automatically logging data and generating a report after the injection is complete.

As a customer, you receive a fully tested solution that is also "plug and play" with digital control from both the PLC screen and tablet - of course, with built-in documentation solution. 

The first SMART injection systems have already been delivered and put into use. Initially, the system is being used satisfactorily in the oil and gas industry, known for its high safety, precision, documentation, and operational reliability. However, we are experiencing increasing interest in the system from a wide range of other industries.

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