Halved cylinder weight

with capacity of up to 110 tons

Halved cylinder weight with capacity of up to 110 tons

Aluminium cylinders, for instance, with a lifting capacity of 110 tons, are now down to a weight of 23 kg, compared to 50 kg for a steel-constructed cylinder, thus halving the weight.

"This gives an incredibly large advantage in terms of handling the cylinders for the site crew," says sales engineer Per Østergaard, and he continues, "the cylinders are now far easier to transport from storage to the location where they will be used, and it's just much easier to maneuver the cylinders into place, move them, and generally use them for those who are tasked with the lifting job." 

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Aluminium cylinders are produced by Hi-Force and encompass four different models, ranging from the classic single-acting cylinder to single-acting hollow cylinders and cylinders with locking nuts to double-acting cylinders.

Hi-Force has decades of experience in developing hydraulic tools primarily for lifting tasks, including single and double-acting cylinders. To accommodate better ergonomics and reduce strain on workers, such as those on construction sites, Hi-Force has developed this robust and thoroughly tested series of aluminum cylinders.

The aluminum series from Hi-Force has a capacity ranging from 32 to 110 tons and with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar and a stroke length from 51 to 305 mm, the series of aluminum cylinders can cover a wide spectrum of lifting tasks, now at half the weight.

"We have a long history of finding the right solution for the customer, that's also why, through our collaboration, for example with Hi-Force, we can participate in a development process for aluminum cylinders, with for example a different stroke length than that in the standard aluminum series," asserts sales engineer Per Østergaard.

All models are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as shipyards, construction, contracting, and bridge work.

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